Simple truths in questions and answers. Part 3 (the end)


Dear friends! At the end of the series "Simple truths in questions and answers", we publish the answers of Oleg Gadetsky G. on issues of concern to the participants of training and educational programs.

In this article, you will learn:

♦ how to get rid of attachment to loved ones and is it worth doing?
♦ is it possible to affect the person who destroys the other?
♦ how to light the fire of life when you do not want to live?
♦ can the Soul be tired and from what.

Question 16. Elena: "I am 50 years old and I still need a mother's love. Since childhood we had opened relations, which exclude tactile contacts. We never hugged and never kissed each other. However, I can't call them conflict or bad. We always had and have something to talk about. Mom helps in solving everyday issues, but in relationship with each other I want to feel more warmth and harmony."

Elena, for one reason or another You are unable to get mom to become the other. She was raised in a family where there was a shortage of love, so she was not able to convey it fully. You can change your own worldview. Looking for my love to mother, take on her care, attention to specific actions. Time will pass, and You will notice how the relationship will change. They will become deeper and more harmonious.

Question 17. Irina: "When should I intervene if I see that his actions are destroying not only him, but also loved ones? It is clear that we can always pray for him, but how can you determine that it is time for activism?"

Irina, none of You will not answer this question. Imagine that You as a parent stand and watch as a 3-year-old son for 20 minutes tying shoelaces. On what grounds You will realize that you need to intervene and help him? This question has no definite answer. It all depends on the condition of the child.

If You see that he starts a tantrum, then you need to reassure and help. If you feel that he persistently and quietly continues their tie, in this situation, you need some time just to stand near. Watch the people, their condition, and listen to your heart and intuition. The human life is to be happy. You need to feel it. "To live life - not to go", - true wrote Boris Pasternak in one of his poems.

there are not common answers. Always think about what will bring Your actions to another person the benefit or harm. Ask yourself the question: "What do I need to do to solve this problem for the benefit of all?". In different situations You will have different answers and that's okay.

Question 18. Maria: "How to get rid of attachment to the children, to her husband and be a whole person?"

Imagine that there is a tree and thinks: "How do I get rid of the attachment to the land? I'm still stuck here in one place. Here pull up a root, take it at the coast of the warm sea and sun will feel good." What do you think happens? It is unlikely that the root of the tree will take root there. Trying to get rid of what is already given will inevitably lead to failure.

you Have to be in contact with reality, and not try to get away from her. Only in this situation, You can become a full personality and to reach the goal. The longest journey starts with where You are now. The desire to get rid of attachment towards the children and my husband is already talking about the fact that you have it and it is based on lessons learned. Become aware of them, ask yourself: "What is taught by one or the other situation?". Listen to the answers and over time You will gain strength, feel full and harmonious personality.

Question 19. Anna: "How to choose a life partner? The man says that he is ready to family creation. However, I see that he lives with his parents, has big debts and nowhere does not work."

he Probably expects that You will solve all the problems for him. Pay your debts, and will instead work. He hides nothing and speaks honestly about it. You need to understand, and are You ready for such a life?

Question 20. Catherine: "Hello! I have lost the will to live. I feel that no one needs and no one understands me. How to light the fire of life?"

Catherine, if You are looking for people who will understand and appreciate You, will look for them forever. First of all, learn to understand themselves, learn to appreciate and support other people. You need to deal with it.

Question 21. Elena: "What hurts the soul?"

the Soul is by nature active. She gets tired and suffers from the wrong desires and vanity. Learn to distinguish true desires from false illusions. In the true desires of the soul will never tire. Following them, she more and more starts to blossom.

Question 22. Svetlana: "Where can I get systematic knowledge?"

Education project the"Science of life" specifically designed to transfer the system knowledge, skills and tools that help people to find balance in all areas of life and uncover the purpose. Read more about the admission conditions You can find on the website "a psychology for the third Millennium" Training.

If you do what you always did, you always get the result that you received in the past.

If your life many hardships, the pain, it means that your beliefs and actions require review.

Progress and gain knowledge. They give the ability to see, understand and make the right decisions.

the text of the article prepared on the basis of the webinar Oleg Gadetsky "Simple truths in questions and answers."

Gadetsky Oleg
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