Simple way to get rid of anxiety and anxiety

anxiety everyone experiences. This negative emotion can lead to serious stress. Anxiety-slight disgust to the future. When the specific assumptions to be afraid of no, (as in the case of fear), and, at the same time, thoughts and feelings revolve around something bad will happen.

Often real prerequisites for this. They are flimsy.

Or are they not so bad as it draws alarmed imagination. Anxious student-suddenly put a deuce for a test. Well put, and put. The two can be corrected.

Anxious worker, whether he wrote the report. Because in case of error, head will be bran.

Worries the wife when the husband is late and not answering his phone. Imagination draws a terrible picture. And in this state of anxiety, it is difficult to stop. Is the winding itself. The imagination draws all new images, leading thoughts in distant and difficult future.

As will stop. How to stop worrying.

As to do what would negative thoughts that jump at a gallop , stopped, and went to a quiet and peaceful direction. How to stop palpitations and stop nervously pacing the room clutching their heads, which becomes heavier with disturbing thoughts.

You already understand that anxiety is unreasonable fear. Fear arises when there is a real threat. When you need to save yourself.

the feeling of anxiety is the threat of far-fetched.

to get rid of these negative fantasies, do a simple exercise. It will not take more than 3 minutes. But it will help you to get back to reality, realize what is happening and guide their thoughts and actions in another direction. In a constructive. Because anxiety is like an avalanche. If unchecked, it begins to attract more and more deeply into the conscious and subconscious, taking away the energy and forces. Learn to deal with it.

This exercise will allow , first, to shift their attention from the dark thoughts. And secondly, you show your unconscious that you would like to change in this situation.

Exercise for relieving anxiety and anxiety.

Stop and ask a simple question.

What's happening to me at the moment.

  • What do I do now?
  • what do you think?
  • I feel?
  • How do I breathe?
  • Answer these questions, as if looking at myself from the outside. The side view is more objective. So you go beyond emotions. And be sure to follow the breath. In a state of anxiety it can be either frequent or too deep. Fix it by asking other questions.

    What I want instead

    What to do ?

    what to think?

    how to feel?

    How to breathe?

    Take this exercise into consideration. Share them with your friends. And use to remove the anxiety.

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