good day!

Offer You a little test. Take a piece of paper and a pen and do some introspection. Think and write what feeling for the last month (or 3 months). have you experienced most often? What do you think about during the day? Is there any disturbing thoughts, scary? How many of you dream of or anticipate any event with joy, excitement, love? You often are in a bad or good mood? How would you describe your state of mind, emotions, feelings?

I Wonder what results did you get... and what could you do to help?

In this article I want to share the best practices that you can do yourself to saturate your life with positive emotions, good mood and so it could be a distraction and partly to cope with painful experiences, stress, lack of mood. Of course effective solution is to work with a psychologist and with it is part of the work which can and should be doing themselves.

  1. Any physical activity help relieve emotional stress. Walking, running, dancing, yoga. Massage. Choose what is close to you.
  2. the Sun. Take care in the sun. Happens in beautiful places in nature. Look at the beautiful scenery.
  3. Any contact with the water can help relax. SPA, swimming pool, taking a bath, standing under running water, shower, shampooing, washing, washing dishes, dry cleaning of the house. Any available form. Imagine how water washes away your tension washes away all the excess, imagine how you clean up as your tension washes away water.
  4. Meditation, mantra chanting, reading prayers aloud.
  5. Breathing practices. If you feel that you captures the anxiety, fear, or tears of some kind of unresponsive state, take a few deep breaths into the lower abdomen and deliberately breathe deeply, it helps not to fall into the uncontrolled state. Deep breathing helps to be calm.
  6. Creativity of any display. Sing your favorite songs, do crafts, modeling, painting, Express yourself through color, form, draw, your mood, draw my desire, draw their fears, all what You have draw, sing, sculpt, sew, weave beads, write poems, music, enroll in an acting class, dance – thing is expressed through creativity!
  7. Communication with positive people. Search for fellowship with people who know how to enjoy life, who are positive, passionate about job, who can share with you my good mood. That the person is experiencing, and spread around it and is felt as tension or Vice versa easily.
  8. Write down your achievements on a sheet of paper. Even if something is, in your opinion, you have failed, not depreciating all. See what was good and what you managed. Read your achievements out loud.
  9. Ask family, friends and colleagues to tell You what, in their opinion, You strengths, what you have the talent and that they appreciate You.
  10. Write to the difficulties in life You had to face what you did and what was "too" where you need help.
  11. New haircut, new clothes, new underwear can create a new mood. Ask yourself: what would you like? Take care of yourself.

I would be glad if you share your methods and add to the list. I wish all good mood!

Olga Parusnikov
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