1. seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial to having a happy, productive day. Lack of sleep can cause decreased alertness and logic, common medical problems such as obesity.

2. Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier. Imagine the morning when you don't have to run like mad through the apartment and everything to output. Waking up 15-30 minutes early that will allow You to get a positive start to the day.

3. Meditation. Meditate for five to ten minutes after you Wake up easy and has immediate benefits, including improved internal clarity and integration to the rest of the day. Starting your day with meditation leads to a positive sense of self, allowing You to break away from habitual thoughts. Studies have also shown that meditation helps to prevent stress and anxiety, thereby eliminating the frustration that restrict the ability to solve their problems.

4. Learn something new. Training adds confidence. Has never been so easier to learn and to learn new things as nowadays, in the Internet era. Offers a huge number of free online webinars almost every direction.

5. Walking. Studies show that a 30 minute walk a day reduces anger and hostility. If you devote 30 minutes each day to walk, you can think of small actions to increase walking time. For example: drink more water, which will lead to more frequent trip to the toilet.

6. to Abstract from social networks. Studies show that too much use of social networking can be hazardous to your mental health. Instead, use those minutes productively by reading the news, playing logic games, etc..

7. Be kind. There are a number of studies linking the generosity and better health. MRI technology, shows that kindness activates the same areas of the brain that are stimulated by food and sex. . Will consider donating to your heart has become warmer, a volunteer to some organization, just give it half minute and more.

8. Surround yourself with happy people.

9. Not tittle-tattles. next time when You have the urge to gossip with a friend or colleague, stop for ten seconds and think that the negative dialogue can be translated into positive, to reflect what is truly good can be said about the man. If you just can't say something nice about someone it is better to discuss the weather.

10. Spend time with your loved ones. while chatting with family and friends in person, by phone or email is always a great influence on the mood. Studies show that physical interaction is far more beneficial to your overall health and happiness. Think about how good You feel after having lunch with an old friend, cooked a homemade dinner with your partner or Hiking with my kids.

11. journaling. Although it may seem it is not about You, just to take up writing just 50 words at least three times a week about anything. The formation of this simple daily habits has many mental and emotional problems.

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