Hello, today we will talk about the little rules under which life becomes a little more pleasant and colorful.

Vanity accompanies us everywhere, we are involved and we don't notice that often fuss just because they are accustomed to . Want to control it? - To notice the hustle and bustle, to stop and to do this, set yourself an alarm clock - two different melodies at different times , start with four. Once the alarm is triggered , stop, breathe and ask yourself - Who am I , where am I, what am I doing to what? This will help stop the traffic and control the flow of time.

Often, the hustle and bustle we create for ourselves - not understanding, immediately rush to solve a problem, give advice, write recommendation. Before to do anything, think about what kind of reaction will make your action - perhaps by giving an answer you get a bunch of questions? Calculate (to the max) what are the consequences, and only after that act.

Remember that we become much happier doing something for others - something to share (often offer) , listen , communicate , call, write.

Exclude from "the diet" of the word doubt : BUT, perhaps, if, maybe . These are the words of uncertainty, and pronouncing them, you yourself start the mechanism of depression. More use the words of the positives : Great , great, great, etc.

Remember that when we in the bustle and anxiety, our breath goes astray and becomes shallow and frequent - often stop and restore normal rhythm - 3_4 deep inhalation and exhalation (in this case, try to feel the air flow).

the Attitude should always be optimistic - we need to start something difficult, unpleasant? - say to yourself - it won't be long, fast start fast finish, etc.

don't be afraid to idealize yourself - imagine yourself how you want to look ? Strive often odergivala yourself - being this drawn image.

Zaim habit, to write at the end of the day, the positive aspects it will give a feeling of fullness of life and additionally add positive ( remember there are no completely bad days).

Often watch for Pets , live, live-not important remember animals relieve stress.

Pay attention to your gestures : they not only expose you but also set up - straighten shoulders, smile , more open gestures. Thus even possible to "ward off bad attitude."

Before going to sleep train yourself for a little meditation - breathing , psychological (methods can be found on the Internet)

Waking up , wash your face and smile to yourself in the mirror, saying - "mantra" (everyone) for example all is fine ,the problems can be overcome, life is good.

If all these actions become habits, your moral and therefore the physical condition is much improved.

I Hope the article was useful to you with respect Basketin Eugene.

Basketin Eugene
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