I'm Russian. Periodically feel a desire to go to the top three, carousing with the Gypsies in Yar until the morning, sing "Just a glass of vodka on the table!". I love Tolstoy, Pushkin, Yesenin, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn.. I like to listen to Vysotsky's songs, romances performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky. Love the paintings of Vrubel and Isaac Levitan. Sometimes I just want to send all on figs.

What is the Russian soul? Mystery. But clearly, the ability for vivid emotions, their immediate manifestation is its characteristic feature. And it's very therapeutic: to be able to live their feelings, to recognize them, to drink it. If a person threw himself from the passions, he might have cleansed in the pouring rain.

the Soul has become light, calm and in place of violent emotions easily manifest kindness, compassion, tenderness. These swings are for someone- strange metamorphosis. But as he wrote Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the Russian soul always with anguish. Can't Russian people to live in sterile space, expanding all through.

of Course, extreme States of mind are not always useful. But the breadth of the Russian soul implies the absence of calculation and pettiness. Russian people live life in all its fullness, he seems to be awash in the events. Very well the peculiarities of Russian nature expressed in a famous poem by A. K. Tolstoy:

As to love, without reason, Since face, so no joke, Since to swear so rashly, Since robot, so spur of the moment! If to argue so boldly, Since to punish, so the case, Since to forgive so wholeheartedly, If a feast, so the feast!

you Can like or dislike such displays to agree with them or not. But they are the place to be. Great is the power of the spirit of the Russian people. No wonder the history knows no defeat of the Russian troops. And if there were temporary setbacks, they are always offset by victories. 

the Archetype of the Russian spirit, the beauty of fairy tales, the experience of fortitude and courage of Russian weapons is to take as online, remembering which you can achieve in life. And much to overcome. Do not concentrate on their weaknesses and to remember the history of his family. To be based on national mentality. Afford to live boldly, to love without looking back, to forgive with all my heart.

And of course, the Russian world is unthinkable without Orthodoxy. Resistance to hardship, high spirituality, getting over yourself - this lessons gives us the experience of saints, elders, Confessors of the Russian land. Sometimes you don't need to go to distant lands to study yoga, Buddhism, and other Eastern practices. Enough to appeal to its roots, to feel part of the microcosm of Russian culture. 

allow yourself to be yourself, to accept and demonstrate the best traits of the national character, fed with the richness of folk traditions. And on a bright Sunny winter's day to take a ride on the Troika, so that already captured the spirit!

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