How often in modern society lacks the warmth of human relations! People crave intimacy, but the device of the metropolis designed for offspring alone. A string of acquaintances, colleagues, friends and random passers – none of them is able to quench the thirst of intimacy. One of the reasons for the feelings of loneliness people often refer to the insincerity, artificiality, a greater distance in the relationship. Formalisms over the life of the modern inhabitants do not assume a large degree of openness. Between people is the Berlin wall separating the intimate space of personal life and look where you want to be in front of others to achieve the desired position in society.

the Situation is deplorable – we see a city, isolated from other people, people hiding from each other in towers with walls of formality, rules and rituals. But how else to survive in modern society, where the amount of information redundantly, and the credo is the success? True contact with another living being is impossible – the openness leads to insecurity. But increasing the distance leads to an insatiable emotional hunger.

it seems to Me that the desire for intimacy is filled with despair because of the confusion in understanding its components – sincerity and frankness. I once faced the decadent assertion of his countrymen, that sincerity and honesty is abhorrent to the modern social reality. Sincerity and frankness – is it possible to place these qualities in interaction with other people?

the First step on the way out of the vicious circle of unsatisfactory relationship may serve as an appeal to a Large Explanatory Dictionary. In the definition of sincerity, the emphasis is on the authenticity of the feelings and thoughts expressed in dialogue, frankness, rather, involves openness, clarity all of its manifestations, is evidence of the lack of concealment of any aspects of their lives.

in this breeding concepts as it becomes easier to start untangling the strangling the lump of despair and powerlessness. To be sincere does not mean to present all their thoughts and feelings naked, open all the secret room personal life. The revelation may be redundant – do I need to know everything about a person to discuss the film? But some secrecy is not against the expression of genuine emotional outbursts. Sometimes they just need to invest in a suitable under the current situation form. Maybe you shouldn't tell the boss about his own irritation from undue critics in profanity, but the use his irritation to create a solid argument with solid tone can be quite effective.

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