Синдром самозванца


imposter Syndrome

you Have the education and experience, achievements in the professional field, colleagues speak of you as cool, but you still think that you really know nothing, do not know, success is a coincidence, and colleagues here and find that you are worthless specialist and will be disappointed in you? Congratulations, you have the impostor syndrome!

I Have, besides a degree, dozens of certificates of qualification, participation in scientific conferences, but I've been thinking that I'm not a professional, but other school psychologists!... And the fact that I respect as an expert in certain circles — so they just don't know what I really a little that I know and can do.

to Conduct their trainings and seminars? Well I can tell you interesting! I will speak ohaivanie things they already know. And this despite the fact that I led these trainings and seminars about 6 years and quite successfully.

And then I found out that I'm not the only one. Those super-cool psychologists, which I looked up and thought, "here they are!.. Not that I!..." is periodically experiencing the same thing.

the imposter Syndrome was when I began to write about sex. Yes, you can sometimes blurt out some garbage. So what, everyone makes mistakes and that's fine. But overall, I feel that I write really important things for people and feel their expertise. Yes, there are those who know more — and that's fine. Know-it-all to be impossible, and not necessary. By the way, notice that the impostor syndrome goes hand in hand with excellent pupil syndrome and fear of success?

According to various studies the impostor syndrome often suffer from:
🔺successful professionals
🔺LGBT persons
🔺gifted children
🔺students receiving postgraduate education
🔺scientists, starting his career as a teacher.

What to do? Format tips that I don't like, I will say this:
✔it's amazing to go to support groups where colleagues share their fears (if in your area they are. I'm a psychologist, I've been lucky.
✔great game to take and to do. For example, you want to make your master class, but I'm afraid that your colleagues will doubt your professionalism and will say that you are useless nonsense. Write in CA the master class that he is not for professionals, but for beginners or just interested in the topic) Nitpicking about the banality of the material will disappear by themselves.
✔now Those who decide that you criticize, point out errors, etc. - please send nah! Just like that) And cut communication with this person. If I did not do so with those who say to me that I'm not a psychologist, I would have been hanged. Remember, criticism only when asked and only on the principle of sandwich.
✔now Stop reading motivational books about how to succeed, make a million, and so on. Neither success nor a million, they probably will not, but despondency and lowering the hands to add.

More unpleasant in the TG channel "Sex, feminism and rock and roll!"

Tatiana Zyuganov
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