Sisyphus in the modern world we've got to go to her, and she slipped away...


Welcome, dear friends!

Today I want to talk about life scenario "Almost.". The script is very subtle, absolutely invisible and people can step on the "rake" again and again... So let's recognize their patterns of behavior!

And then it is small, to detect the constructive and correct ;-)

Imagine a Sisyphus, the hero of the myth of ancient Greece. Sisyphus the gods had condemned to roll a mountain located in Tartarus a heavy stone which, barely reaching the top, over and down.

have You ever had:

  • applied a lot of effort to realize the goal, and reaching, almost immediately devalue this achievement and look for a new goal;
  • no matter how you count, anyway, the desired result is somewhere ahead, elusive as a Mirage in the desert;
  • no faith in the achievability of my goals, feeling "this will never end";
  • set myself many goals and break between them, sprayed on everything.

Examples of the script "Almost.":

  • fixed the "swing" on the topic of weight loss, got rid of the extra pounds and then gained them again thrown off, again scored. It's like an endless process, the question is not closed.
  • permanent training, without a specific exhaust, weight certificates, courses, and webinars, but in practice, nothing is applied. "Warehousing" of new knowledge and information, continuous training.
  • the depreciation of the achievements that would not have made seems inadequate, small, insignificant. A promotion at work? Nonsense, it could have been faster this post to. Started their own business? It means nothing, look at what the financial result will be the end of the year. Joined in joyful, brings pleasure and energy relations? It is too early to consider the matter closed, can run away in a year?

If you have found yourself at least one paragraph, you should look at this scenario carefully.

What is this script harmful? He is pushing for the adoption of such decisions that will never bring true satisfaction. You know the Chinese proverb: "Happy is not the one who has everything he wants, and the one who is satisfied with what he's got."?

And what is life script? I'd be happy to discuss the topic in the comments.

Svetlana Filippova
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