the Skeletons in the closet from a psychologist

Hello! br>
Recently for me became very clear at least 2 of the myth, which people do not trust psychologists. br>
Myth 1. Psychologist – very successful in all senses. The client and the psychologist seem to be on different planets: the first planet "Issues and all sorts of ass in my life", and the second from the planet "Awareness, wisdom, and happy happiness." br>
then it turns out that the customer has (if she decides) to go to someone who is obviously well done, and the client is not. To seek the advice of a sage in General. br>
Myth arose not without the help of the psychologists, only the bad. Look at the overall mass of specialists.. their ads behavior on TV, in society..

Many of them confessed that, in part they toil garbage in your life? That can't kick the geese out of their own heads. No damn it! br>
of course of Course, they admit it.. But heard? Here's a "secret" trick: a psychologist talks about himself some garbage like that my weakness is sometimes to love to sleep a lot, or sometimes to delay things..

Feel the level of honesty, right? (S) he sometimes sleeps a bit much, and you're a deer maybe you are depressed some, troubles in relationships with people, or something contagious...

Second, who had a hand in promoting such a myth – clients.
Not whether customers are looking for the BEST hairdresser, realtor, lawyer, manicurist? Reviews! Reviews! Rating! Rating! Certificatte in English! Media! And psychologists is the attitude in some places is tougher. br>
Give the best psychologist, the expert, with an experience of 100 years. So its started already in the times of Baba Yaga. In short, Freud Joyce brothers here, Gandapas, Melodic, Carnegie and Tolstoy, as well as a good wise grandmother IN ONE PERSON. br>
• Came and sat
• Said briefly that trouble you.
• He asked you a few questions. the
• Then scratched his brain and said you this fucking quote is that you none of the books have not read in any post is not seen, namely IT will change your whole life! the
• has Given the dough. 600 rubles.
• Went to rejoice joyful joy. The air to listen

and So it goes: some ordering such a product –
now the good psychologists know how to earn your trust – to be the best! And by the way, it turns out that they are already better than you, and smarter than you, and prettier, and sexier too..

But here, you damn trust! )) Right! br>

skeletons in the closet from a psychologist 2

the second Myth – to become a psychologist need only:

• Be Indicative of partial to Kotaku and the dog from the street. br>
• a Teen in blue of company soak all the advice about how to live correctly. How should the other forget it – fool about when the friend should dump the guy. br>
• the Bit to read palms, cards and predict the future. br>
• know that psychology is a science and it is studied in universities years. br>
• Know is useless, but popular, as like-terms: choleric and comfort zone. This plus intelligence. br>
• Give the "last shirt", that is, to listen, to feel the life of another, give stupid advice. And in my life not to go, your demons to disperse, because you have to wait until the Manager will notice your sacrifice and reward. br>
Add to this the fact that last decade, interest in psychology increased, that multiple has increased the number of psychologists from God. br>
One of my client as surprised, saying something like: "You say so little.. Before, when I was at my psychologist, almost all the way she said. And I was mostly silent". br>
Question: why do I need multiple sessions in a row to listen to the testimony of a psychologist from God? Not here smacks of outright stupidity? A Bloated Ego? br>
Among psychologists of God is the chip – to rely on his experience and nothing more. And, on the couple of terms.
What what? To study the basis of psychological science? To study the works of domestic and foreign authors? A psychological study myself? PHA! br>
"Nonsense! I have experience. And besides, I'm hot-headed!" – responsible psychologist from God, and, of course, wrong again meaning inserts the term hot-headed..
the Problem, isn't it? On the one hand psychologists found out that you need a pretty label on it (that is, to be conscious, successful and blah blah blah), on the other, most of these professionals are not specialists. br>
Problem 2 and calculate not easy. Look, bad the architect designed the house, he collapsed. Not a bad mathematician can calculate the integral, it can be seen. As for the differences, I have to say..

skeletons IN the CLOSET I HAVE

Previously, I lament on the unfair and bad psychologists. Described the skeletons in their closet. Now about my personal. the
Skeleton 1. I often stay in the doldrums. br>
you Know, it so happens that grabbed my sadness, and dragged. Right here is without a trace. br>
Go out on the street, everything is shining! People and animals eat the spoons of happiness, and I will not go. br>
In this state I have time to think about the meaning and value of life; about the nature of people: their life-affirming and zhizneradostnaya qualities; to find answers to the question "who am I, where am I?". br>
In it (in the state) are trained to be real, not to hide their difficulties outside the "officially-biased social relations." br>
of Course, I "treated" state: tried wearing daily positive rose-colored glasses. And psychotherapy underpinned with natural drugs prohibited by Volodya on open spaces of our immense. br>
But there is no better medicine than a sincere conversation with a live person about lived each life's troubles. br>
the End, I realized that my condition is somewhat akin to schizophrenia. Today, it is not treated, and learn to live with it. Besides my love for the humor in General is not terrible. br>
the Skeleton 2. I terribly enrage stupid people. Namely those that have an impact on public opinion. br>
I'm seriously pissed and upset when I see how people "hawala", what it says refined and original Olga Buzova, or unique in its originality Egor Krid. br>
Yes, in many ways it is envy from the fact that I have no influence. br>
the Skeleton 3. Enrage advisors... for Example, those who have a while reading this post already itched in the head of second tips that I definitely need to give. About this:

1. Open my eyes to the causes of my condition; to advise me how to cope with depressive States ))
2. Advise how you can get rid of envy )) to Tell you that His creed has earned the status of back-breaking labor. br>
Friend, I understand that this piece of text is no longer advisers, but just wanted to say – you suck! br>
the Skeleton 4. Sometimes I can be harsh in his statements. This deters quite a large part of my environment, including customers )

Thank you for understanding the remaining nearby. br>
the Psychologist Vitaly Dudin

Vitaliy Dudin
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