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Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss in just ten days, destroyed four thousand pairs. He said in his standup why it's cool to be one. People are so heeded his words that began to leave his mate and to share it in social networks.

the fact that the human brain – body processing information, and integrates all incoming sensory impulses and coordination of responses (please note, not I said). I might add to this adage only that the human mind formed in society, very long, and completely dependent on his or her requests and rules. And given the herd instinct prevalent the proportion of time of ontogenesis of the average person (, school, etc.), we can conclude that selectively not soon the man begins to understand what it really is.

There are certain categories (position in life) that are learned only with age, after many trials and errors.

In practice, I'm faced with the fact that most people do not know about the existence of basic human needs and especially on their mandatory implementation. Society, with its cosmic evolution, it is not drew attention to the degradation of man, as being reasonable (shot mutation at the expense of socialization and is fine). Think for a moment, who is convenient to dissolve the institution of the Family?

having a family brings peace and tranquility, a sense of security and reliability. Ensures the implementation of such basic human needs as the stimulus and opportunity for further development (which helps to avoid boredom and degradation), as well as having purpose and meaning of life, the opportunity to be meaningful, to feel closeness, to have status, to implement the maternal/paternal instinct.

I would like to ask why a society distracted by everyday life of the people? Let for the benefit of society all day at work....

How to create a family, if modern man scares off serious relationships: the ability to share resources with a partner, to share personal space, to show empathy, support; to accept the other's values (Example: mother, brother, the past), to compromise on principles. Sounds like a great law of conservation of energy began to act not only on the physical body.

Juraskova Alla
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