Скрытая агрессия

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What is it? Classifications of aggression much. Today we rassmotrim more sophisticated form of hidden AGGRESSION. If your address, manifest aggression, you know what to do. If not, the body will do everything on instinct. As in the animal world, and humans have a basic reaction to fear. This attack, run, stand still.Show more...[/url] You can even yourself remember. What strategies you most often use? What is peculiar to you during the conflict? To avoid it, trying to ignore and wait for everything to be resolved. Attack or giving back. Maybe you submarine, tails flashed gone? Only hidden aggression can be difficult to recognize. And it can hurt harder than obvious.

Often, it masquerades as a concern about you, with sincere appreciation, innocent jokes. Unconstructive criticism, which is no way to fix it, and just need to maintain. Or these words "Well, you always like that" ." Who'll tell you what ... if you're not me." "I thought so". "How can you not see it". Naturally the tone and the words in a friendly manner. Else it may be provocative banter. And well, if it is possible to fight back, no less acute a joke. Sometimes that is just not enough quick thinking and the nerve to fight back. Funny joke is funny to everyone, including the recipient. And sometimes uncomfortable, unpleasant and even painful. And it is not always possible for the latent aggression to respond with candor, because it can seem inadequate in the eyes of others. And even a hidden aggressor, may not realize what he's doing.

Sometimes the aggressor can not openly Express their dissatisfaction, because it is not safe. Direct conflict he's been avoiding. The reasons can be many. Once counseling a man, we understand him, why to him the strategy of covert aggression is easier to use than the open. And it's really hindered him in life. As it turned out, the roots of the problems went deep in his childhood.

How to get out of hidden aggression, whatever be the victim? Options:

1) If the "aggressor" is not aware that does, it is possible to directly talk to.

2) Get out of the situation physically, to break contact.

3) to Answer the same, maybe someday will come. Of course, if you are not injure.

4) is it hard stop the aggression.

5) by using the " I message." Example: "When you say ......, I feel.......or is happening to me......".

did you? Can you, or you were in the role of aggressor. How did you manage to get out of such situations yourself? I would be grateful if you share your experience.

Dorokhova Elena
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