Started working on Skype not so long ago. Two years - two and a half. With each new consultation gain more experience. And confident work. This confidence felt by clients.

Yes, something remains available. Not the same as in person consultations.

However, Skype business expanding significantly!

As you can imagine experts that you can apply in person? Even in a big city is not very much. Given the fact that even the cities  over time, begins to be perceived as "big village" where everyone knows everyone else…a Very limited number of possibilities.

how many options is Skype – business?

For comparison, the city of Samara – million.  Registered professionals – about 200.

Let the unregistered even three, even four times more – about 1000 ?

Maybe. In all cities of the region, for example.

But many specialists online work on this website?  About 14,000.

As is known, the number constantly increases the quality. Because – competition!))

in addition, many of the activities of psychologists.

Narrow specialists is also a plus!

And what pros are there?

Definitely, a plus – it is a convenience in organizing the consultation. Included Skype – and you're “in place”. There are sessions from home, office, cafe, just off the street. Yes! Out of the car!)

Skype is available worldwide!

Agree on Moscow time, that all was easy to navigate and meet with the Far East, Siberia, America, Europe, etc.

And another important point.

In uncertain times  the meetings with strangers are for the psychologist  pretty dangerous and risky.

So Skype still performs the safety function).

Met on Skype, made sure that we can trust each other and then if one city – can be on face-to-face counselling and therapy to go.

And yet, customers often have protests and refusals from Skype-Advisory services.

What caused it? I want to gather more information from interested people.

I Offer professionals and users  to share their thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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