let's Start with the fact that residents of cities are forced to go to psychologists more often than the inhabitants of provincial towns. This does not mean that second is not a psychological problem.
It only says that life in the province provides more free time, and therefore some tense moments could be determined by the availability of sufficient sleep and rest. And here in the morning life doesn't seem so difficult, and the problem with a fresh mind suddenly is the solution. "The morning is wiser than evening" said our ancestors, and he was absolutely right, because they slept enough.

Residents of big cities have the luxury of not have, therefore, to be effective, even those questions that can be addressed independently, having enough rest and we have to deal with a specialist. br>

What is so magic in my sleep?

to Begin with, what a night we have double dreams in the fast phase, if we sleep for 8 hours (do not take into account people with a syndrome of the Manager, whose brain activity does not stop all night). And then what happens? The brain appears not only to relieve tension but also the subconscious through images and dreams can solve their problems.

then one morning you find that they are unable to think about the problem, she lost her brightness, sharpness... Your subconscious mind decided it. That's the whole secret. In short, you got the same result that would be obtained would work with a specialist. Again I say, not all problems can be solved, but most, believe me, the psyche unable to cope. Our world and body is infinitely wise arranged. Otherwise psychologists actively would people goraaaazdo before. But this occurred only in the age of speed and total separation from nature and the natural rhythms of life.

I will not say anything new, when you wish to meet to 00.00 and sleep 8 hours a day (with age to get enough sleep and 6 hours). But I hope that this little study will allow you to avoid situations of intensity of psychological problems in your daily life. After all, many of them are not so great, and erupt into consciousness only in the reduced state of physiology when it is not slept, not eaten and did not rest.
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Elena Popova
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