So, the choice of a partner!


“Men and women differ from each other. Women consist of front and backside, men from top and bottom. What he wants the bottom is clear to everyone, and the top all the time to eat and brag about it..." - quote one of my Teachers, a wonderful person, men, psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist hereditary.

We are different, and so select according to various criteria. They can be schematically depicted as follows:

Men are primarily attracted to women's appearance. Women intelligence. No? Or you are attracted to stupid laughing tomomichi lindelani? In General, there are exceptions of course, but the pattern this is about the norm.

ie, a reason to stop, be interested to continue communication, is the appearance of the woman and the intellect men. But that's no reason to draw conclusions like, "It's my other half". For unknown what are the statistics, attractive women, and intellectually attractive men for him for her may be about one hundred thousand!!! Far from half, Yes? And not a reason to jump into bed for women, if we are talking about choosing a partner for life, not for sex.

On this first phase, partners can be a lot a lot. The most common mistake that women at this level is limited to one, prostragivajut in fantasy life from the grandchildren, come into an intimate relationship,... through the year – divorce and mother's maiden name.

Next. You communicate for a while, learn it, better it and produce other advantages. Men celebrate femininity, tenderness. Women a sense of security, that you can trust him, she likes his actions. And such, according to the same statistics, the order of thousands. Also not half, right?

In terms of security and trust, the woman more and more is revealed, showing man his inner world and the most awakens in him the interest in his personality. Your Hobbies, preferences, achievements, etc. – is all he likes. The woman at this level, like his appearance – plump, bald, meter in the hat – to her he's the best.

I remember one episode from my youth. Me 16, maybe 17, I was at a wedding of one of my many cousins. I invites some of his friends. The guy's face is covered with scar from acne, or pox, and my first impression – "Fe!" When he spoke, I fell into a condition that I find hard to describe now. I'm not in love, not at all! Maybe it was meeting "me and You"? Whatever it was, but it was then that I realized that the main thing behind the appearance. I stopped seeing him ospinki.

At this level may be of the order of a hundred women who attract men with their appearance, femininity, intelligence. And as many men, attracting women with his intelligence, courage, good looks. And it's also not half!

it would be Good to reach the last level of spiritual content, what is it, her Soul? What is it? What are your aspirations? Vooot! Here is the ideal partner)))!!! And there are several possibilities, and since we do not iterate all the previous thousands, but only a few of them this way and find that proverbial soul mate.

what? It is difficult and long? As would be quick and without problems - see the divorce statistics!

Kriven Tatiana
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