Social anxiety and physicality


I Wonder how so actually it turns out that at some point other people's opinion for a person becomes more important than anything else. Behave yourself, look successful, don't go, don't cry, don't complain, be nice, polite, courteous, confident. In any case don't scratch my eyes, don't scratch your head or ears, or ASS (Oh God, the man is an ass). A long time ago in one article I read that in a certain historical period, the woman could not blow his nose or sneeze in other people, and if she needed that, she came up with any decent excuse and ran from the room, despite the fact that all certainly understand where and why she went.

But if you think about it all is, how absurd it looks. People can tolerate and not to go to the toilet out of fear that someone will hear some sounds indecent. Or suffer from the inability to breathe normally, but do not vysmarkivatsya in other not to incur the condemnation. People purposefully suppresses the feeling of physical discomfort, to avoid embarrassment. Save your face in society is more important than the preservation of physical well-being of your body.

Where did this happen? It's simple - socialization. Man is a social being unable to survive outside of society. Society is a "new nature", with its laws and survival. And suddenly it turns out that the man is like "second body" in his own person. In certain aspects of life body and personality merge - in sports and yoga, art photos, dancing and gymnastics, in public statements and surveys. But there are also many aspects of life in which body and personality are opposed to each other. The Princess is not cocoa. Full man can be strong-willed. Interesting people can have an ugly face. For any man of culture to take your shoes off in a public place and to climb to his feet on a chair, even if so much easier and my legs are really tired. Aspects of corporeality are equal to certain personality traits by breaking down the human psyche into two parts - physical and social. And here there is the same social anxiety. This is an attempt of the psyche to protect their physicality. You might want to Google pictures of the rooms of shut-ins - it will be a very ugly sight. In these rooms are not invited guests. It was chaos with a bunch of packages of food scattered clothes, pajamas, blankets, books and computers. But at the same time, if you look at these are the better rooms - they are ideal to meet the needs of the body. It is as if "is a convenient".

With these arguments, I came to an unusual conclusion - it is impossible to work with social anxiety disorder, not touching aspects of physicality, and Vice versa - working with narushenijami perception of your body is impossible not to touch upon the questions of relations with people.

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