Recently I spoke with the daughter about marketing. This is her specialty. And it all started with the fact that I began to share with her information about how our brain works and how his work is linked with our psychological needs. The daughter began to tell me how potrebnosti sphere taken into consideration and used  in marketing, rather like exploiting it.

I will Not describe all my emotions, but it was a lot... it's not even about the fact that we are being deceived, artificially sell us things that are invisible to us, become "our" heroes. About it is somehow today more or less understood and known. It's more about the fact that man is not a priori clear from the moment of birth, are not free in their choice of anything - from emotional and behavioral reactions, and ending preferences in any area of our lives. That is, we live in the full illusion that is ourselves is something we want, something we like, etc. 

Track one for all: be born, learn, get married, have children, build careers, get rich, travel. If at least one link of the above falls, a person's life turns into hell, or rather he turns to hell. Because programmed brain will simply not allow you to be happy: something is lacking for complete happiness.😁😁😁.

This is of course a global deception, but social programming or social running, call it what you will, is very strong. Therefore, people who have achieved wealth, success, fame, popularity, opportunities to travel,- they can not feel happiness. Because when they come there where supposedly wanted, we find that it is not fills them with happiness and they again something is missing, something you need again for some happiness.

As one of my familiar people: the rich and the poor suffer under the same scheme. only the subject of suffering different: one yacht shorter than the neighbour 3 m, and the other old worn shoes. And though these simaki - deception, try specifically to give them up! Fail!

the Brain is imprinted on the physical level all our goals and the type needs. And, today, we are very easy to manage, define Our interests, tastes and preferences, but on the other hand, one who clearly sees this game and wants to play it, now has all the features to exit the game. What do you think, friends, about this?

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