Social networking and toxic people.


once I perceived this phrase as a joke. Once before decided to start your blog...

And now I can be a little creepy, how many actually nedoobsledovannye psychiatrists people. People drowned in their own complexes, anger, projections which scour the Internet in an active search, looking for the opportunity to throw out somewhere in the mud.

do I Pity them? No. Because I believe in people's ability to THINK and CHOOSE. Because in addition to education, there are more SELF-education AND SELF-education. And these people are your choice too carry themselves .

My familiarity with social networking started much later than my work. I still remember how my friends after the next training persuaded me to have a page in instagram. And I am grateful and thankful! Many people read me and find my articles useful information. And it's great and cool! But there is a downside to social networking...

TOXIC PEOPLE. Of course, it can meet everywhere, but in social networks they feel full freedom. In every word of anger, aggression, desire to insult, hurt, offend. Under the photo with the baby they can charge you with abuse of infertile women. Under the photo at dinner that in Africa people are starving, and you snickering t**PI.

What to do. What is important to know.

it absolutely doesn't matter what You say, they still turn out all so that was a reason to throw out all the G, which they have in abundance. Therefore, the agreement does not work.
don'T TAKE it personally!
the Only goal that they pursue is to attract attention. No matter what the cost.
This is a very unhappy, unsatisfied lives, unfulfilled people. Just imagine how shitty everything in the life of a man who spends his time and his life to write other things.
the more You emozionanti, the more they will manifest activity.

Be caring towards yourself! Don't waste your energy, time, nerves. And if something of what they said badly hurt, then just work it through with the specialist and head  on. Remember, You are at this one! And yourself need love.

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