Social networking is an evil, sinister, or method of development?


In my practice, I often encounter the following problem. The problem, in my opinion global, if not the world. Often began to hear such phrases: "I look at pictures of their girlfriends, friends, people in social networks and I am so jealous (bad), because they (he's) such (s) classroom (s) (happy, slim, successful, etc.).", "She's such a sweetie pie (fitnesa, agemate)!", "They're such a happy couple, and I have not even a boyfriend", etc. of Phrases different, but the essence is the same. Envy! Resentment, that I do not exist. So after all, social networking is an evil, sinister, or method of development???
I Believe that this method of development. After all, through social networks, you can
increase your income
- to find new clients (friends);
- semipresential himself as a specialist in some area;
- find the right courses (workshops, seminars);

- to develop as a person by reading articles from experts;

- Yes, a lot more what give the social network.
But, then what to do with envy, You ask? What to do when inside a certain disappointment and continuous questions, they say I have no, I have no luck, etc.? To use envy as a resource!
the First thing you need to understand for yourself, everything you see in pictures of people is not always the truth and the truth. No one will expose their faults, fears, anger, phobias , anxiety and sleepless nights with children, the intrapersonal conflict between "I Want to eat and want a waist." etc. I treat different people sometimes see such happy faces in the photo in social networks, and life miserable. And this happens often.
Second, I confess myself in this self-flagellation that there is such a feeling. Don't compare yourself with other people! You it's You, it's him. No one knows what had to go through this man to reach that in your opinion the result (happiness, success, beautiful priests, the birth of a child, etc.). It is not known that he survived that experienced what they had... You can compare yourself only with yourself "yesterday", but not with other people.
third, rejoice from "soul", sincerely! Rejoicing together with others for their "pleasures", we attract all these "pleasures" in your life.
Because everyone has their own concept of success, wealth, joy and happiness!
All good!

Darya Zubkovskiy
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