Social networks: good or evil?


do Not underestimate the breakthrough that gave us the Internet. Data transfer, communication at long distances – people are already not feeling so lonely as it could be about 200 years ago. Now, almost everyone has free access to the network and everyone feels himself in the thick of things. Especially with the advent of social networking.

it is Interesting that with all the positive aspects, there are negative.

Dependence. Today will see a man with phone in hand, located in the network than employed something else in real life. Many are sounding the alarm and talking about addiction. But than it is due?

most Often, the dependence is formed from likes.

And this is the standard dependency that sometimes happens when alcoholism, drug addiction, the excessive craving for food or tobacco. And works on the principle of "cause – behavior – reward".

When a person gets like that it activates the pleasure center because it is the approval of other people, so people are drawn and that still remains quite important, not only for young generations but also for people more advanced age.

Yet the cause is fun. When the brain realizes that the easiest way to get it is to lay staged a beautiful picture (the behavior) and get likes (the reward). Then repeat and reinforce the result of what the brain will periodically remind you.

Further more. For example, a person in this situation needs careful consideration and decisions that cause negative feelings. The brain recalls the easy pleasure (in our case – the likes of social networking, although it can be any kind of dependence) and man, instead of faster, to deal with the problem, begins to seek solace on the Internet. There is a fixing of different reasons. In cause of addiction but fun, are added such as problems, negative feelings, and more and more. As a result, when you need to find a way to change something in real life, the brain, the evolution of formed to find the best for the carrier by the shortest path, leads to a smaller resistance: a problem – social network – likes, or verbal attention as a reward from friends. And this is the shortest path from negative feelings to compensation.

it is important to understand this chain, because understanding the causes of their addiction – it is the first significant step on the path of liberation.

of Course, not all so sad. Some photos and/or records, spread periodically, still nothing to say. But if traveling, the man, instead enjoy the new reality, makes a selfie every step of the way and then sends them to the Internet and checks for likes every five minutes - is already something to think about.

Depression. One more negative point. There are people who see these very staged, artificial pictures, taken for the craving for pleasure. People believe that photos and indignant on his life: "Why is she so happy, and I'm not" - thinks the girl friend, not knowing that a friend took a selfie for likes, just to appease his despair. Then she looks away from the colorful picture and its reality seems more gray. Such moments, especially with constant frequency, will inevitably lead to depression.

I did not call to abandon the Internet, in our days, it would be even silly. Rather, I urge to comply with the measure, she is known to be important in all.

Enjoy virtual communication, share news, know what you're doing it to avoid getting caught on the hook of addiction.

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