Social orphans I Kindness "distorting mirror".


As and when there is a substitution of concepts of goodness, kindness?

for Example, a child grows up with mom. Mother is the best! She is a kind and beloved. It allows many, abuses.

What makes a mother?


my mother the dependence, no matter what, or Mama bears children because as it turns out, or doesn't know how to raise a child. Let the child runs and walks, how he wants. Anyway, let him do what he wants and does not want, does not. The main thing is to not distract her from the urgent matters.

the Child is well! Mom good, well, sometimes I yell, belt swings sometimes. Loves! Other children go to school, and he can skip his passes are not abused. Mom is busy, not before!

nothing to Eat? And the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit will help and feed. Most importantly, the mother close by and loves!

to Wander all day, then to explore the world, make new friends. It's fun! Mom allowed, then it is good, and now they say that bad!

to Produce their own food and the mother, to care, to be independent is good! And now you say, "That's stealing!"

"Bad aunt and uncle". Separated child with my mom. Considered that it is not fulfilling your responsibilities as a mother and gave the child into care. Maybe in an orphanage or in foster care.

the Main thing is that for a child there are different rules! There, as in a distorting mirror everything is backwards.

Good has become evil!

was a substitution of concepts.

the Child does not agree, he protests:

- Then it was my mom, I was with her in unwashed clothes, dirty bed or no. I could sleep at home or outside the home. I walked and played. I ate what I find. I had a good time. Mother did not interfere. Mom was. I know a mother's love and care like this.

Love of his mother had such a srvnit it more than not.

what now?

In the orphanage or in a foster family say that the good are not good and evil!

It's like in a distorting mirror, the reality has changed!

that was possible, now is not the time!

Believe a child that my mother was evil?

I Agree that now everyone wish him good?

and how much time for him to do this?

And if you agree, then what was evil, then wouldn't that be disloyal to mom?

Their past, stronger than our present, yet...

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