Social phobia - how to recognize and treat?

Sociopol – this is a man who loves solitude

the study of such problems as social phobia began in the 20th century. Before social phobia was seen primarily as a neurosis, and with signs of a desire for solitude and modesty.

currently, the problem became very actual, because in connection with the growth and activity of the Internet, many people have shifted to online and to communicate in society with the people they have become even more difficult. So now, many psychologists, psychotherapists are faced with the problem of the treatment of social phobia, with regard to its wide spread in the world.

What is characterized by social anxiety? And what is the difference between a normal reaction to certain stressful situations?


Like many other phobias, social phobia is accompanied by increased anxiety, quickly reaching a peak and lasts quite a long time.

the Trouble can happen in any public action – whether it is a report to the public, communication with the other person publicly or just emerging unexplained discomfort in the society.

most of the socially anxious are afraid to receive bad grades what they say, do or act.

Sociopol – the person who loves privacy. They may lead a solitary life, and yet they are prone to different kinds of addictions (alcohol, drugs) because it helps to remove anxiety and increase social function. It is also likely the problems with the creation of couples work and communication with people in society. Often sociofobi may have increased susceptibility to suicidal thoughts and prolonged depression.

social phobia in adolescents

Difficulty can appear at a younger age – in adolescents, when there is some action, which is the trigger for the individual. For example, the situation in the school with sharp criticism (publicly) or a conflict with someone in the team. After that, the child or adolescent in General, you may notice that you desire to visit any crowded event. And then fear and social anxiety in adolescents transition to another gender, and now began the difficulties in communication.

the Causes of social phobia can be different, for example:

  • Negative reaction of parents to deeds in childhood
  • Too high demands
  • Ridicule in the team or home
  • Conflicts in the team or school
  • Antisocial behavior in mom or dad
  • start of Problematic sexual life
  • Concomitant somatic problems

Social anxiety in adolescents can be a serious nuisance if not addressed. Therefore, it is important to identify the symptoms and signs below.

social anxiety. Symptoms.

What can experience to feel the people who have suffered a sudden attack of social anxiety, the symptoms of which are:

  • Difficult breathing
  • Speech dysfunction, including cogneurs (stuttering)
  • Nausea, strong or sweating, increase in temperature
  • a Feeling of uncontrollable fear and horror

social anxiety. Signs.

the socially anxious tend to be dismayed by the fact that for them to watch, I always try to look faultless. Social phobia, symptoms of which may be accompanied by increased supervision to all his actions to be very inappropriate. It is human nature to put forward excessive demands to themselves and to others, trying as hard as possible to make a good impression on other people. However, they often realize that they will not succeed.

In constant stress, sociofobi forced to be in eternal anxiety and negative thinking, which only reinforces the stress. All that can be scan in the address of sociophobe perceived negatively, falling self esteem and increasing the bias to their personality.

How to deal with social anxiety disorder

Good psychologist will tell you how to deal with social anxiety. A specialist can conduct a complex psychological and medical therapy that will give a good effect. The main thing in the treatment of social phobia – understand the problem, to learn to perceive yourself in society, to master the internal control, remove the negative feelings and disturbing thoughts. To smooth over situations provoking social anxiety can cognitive and behavioural therapy.

Actually, hypnosis helps to deal with social anxiety disorder, because not everyone wants to take pills and antidepressants. In this case, hypnosis can gently influence the situation, often with great effect after a few sessions of hypnosis!

If you tolerate the problem no longer make sense – the obvious solution is to learn how to deal with social anxiety on reception at the psychologist. Solving your issue with social anxiety, you will become much more self-confident person, enhance self-esteem. Your own opinion will be less jealousy from others, you will be able to develop new qualities and reach a fundamentally new level of communication and work – improve the quality of your life in General!

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