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This is a small article, a mini-progress report of the working group members of the Association of Psychologists of the Moscow region (APT).

psychological Association of the Moscow region under the leadership of Olga Borisovna Khlebodarova conducts a variety of actions, events (it's not listed). Is a huge job! Also established working groups in different directions.

Our working group "Prevention of suicide among minors. The problem of security of adolescents in the Internet", is actively working to help and protect our children from the negative influence of the Internet.

the group included: Khlebodarova Olga Borisovna – head of AMS, Stepanova Elena Borisovna - the official representative of the OBA in the city of Taldom, Mironova Natalia - the official representative of the OBA in the city of Stupino, Dultseva Elena Valeryevna - the official representative of AMS in Chekhov.

November 19, 2017 at the II Congress of the Association of Psychologists of the Moscow region, I made a report about the work done. The work was carried out on a large scale. In this article I will write about the main.

the Main working group: creating a secure information environment for children and teenagers on the Internet.

we work With "Mediaguardian", the Public chamber G. O. Lyubertsy, "Young Guard", "Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis".

25.09.2017 the city Held a working meeting of the AMS in Pipe "to Develop effective strategies for the prevention of security problems of adolescents in the Internet".

the consideration of effective strategies:

- to develop a single course;

- building a content presence on the Internet, development of alternatives (games, pictures, video content);

- the creation of a social project, a group of psychological assistance to teenagers who are in difficult life situation (development, fullness of content, technical issues, organizational issues).

the meeting, a survey was conducted among pupils of 8-11 classes of cities Chekhov, Taldom, Lyubertsy, Stupino, whose goal was the definition of the needs of adolescents in obtaining professional psychological help online.

"If you needed emergency psychological online support, you would..":

  • applied profile on the website 54%
  • the group in social networks 31%
  • Skype-consultant - 15%

"Should this type of assistance to be anonymous?"

"Yes," answered" 52%

"no," 9%

"sometimes" 39%

"Should an emergency online support round the clock to be?"

Yes 90%

"no," 10%

"Where they could learn about this website (to the group)?"

advertising in social networks, banners in the Internet, on YouTube,

social advertising on sites of advertising with the participation of popular youth people (bloggers, singers, actors), is in Oh, call divert.

the Content of this website (group)?

  • Frequently asked questions, online tests, questionnaires, push button talk, General chat, the ability to communicate with peers experiencing the same problems;
  • the Opportunity to move to LS, a list of experts (choice of source), the opportunity to meet with the specialist in person, list of services "hotline with a psychologist."
  • a Selection of films and literary works on the subject, motivational quests.
  • the Opportunity for personal design (personalization) page (layout), bonuses for attending (to download music, a set of positive pictures, emoticons).
  • Addresses of crisis centers ("next") useful technical support, design 50% to 50%: calm design, minimalism and bright and beautiful.
  • Simple, accessible, positive comments, funny pictures, demotivators, music.

the result of this work it was decided to create a common platform (website) to provide various forms of assistance, support, educate teenagers and their parents, "Your resource".

While there are some difficulties, which stop the work of the group: we need support in creating and maintaining the Internet resource and good legal support.

We will continue our work and look forward to support and cooperation with various entities.

Join the Association of Psychologists of the Moscow region! We work together!

Elena Dultseva
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