Why parents are concerned about socialization your child? Because it is completely natural. After all, human beings are not only biological, but social. We can be human only in the company of their own kind, so we in early childhood required socialization - the ability to live in human society, obey its rules, laws and regulations. People are not socialized to be suffering from the inability to establish contact with other people, but often is vital.

parents Often ask psychologists the question of when and how to start socialization of the child. Afraid to be late with this, they are almost from the cradle start to drive the child in different groups, sections, groups of early development, whereas up to 3 to 4 years the child is absolutely not necessary, and is a big load for the nervous system.

the fact that before this age a child is most in need of communication with people close to him, primarily with the mother, and other family members. Him enough to communicate with strangers when going to visit, when walking in the Playground, when visiting the shops, theatres and other establishments. In fact, if you look at the children playing on the Playground, you will notice that children under 3 years of playing side by side but not together. And only about 3.5 - 4 years they start to play together as it's role play is the leading activity in preschool children.

the same age are encouraged to begin attending kindergarten, even if You have the opportunity to leave the child home to school, and to prepare for learning in school it is highly skilled governess. Because kindergarten is not a storage for children while their parents are at work, this preschool educational institution (PEI) with an established program of preparation of children for school by state standards. In addition, kindergarten is a good school socialization, where the child will long to be in an environment of his peers, play with them in role playing to defend their interests, to protect themselves, to develop leadership skills. Yes the immune system need to be strengthened to school all children's sores are not showered on the child in the first grade. As practice shows, children not attending kindergarten, are more difficult the process of adaptation to school.

it Happens that despite the kindergarten, socialization of the child in kindergarten or school is difficult. He complains that no one has a friend that hurt his peers, he is not able to defend their point of view, often fights or conflicts with children or adults. What to do in such cases? How to help your child? Of course, not to chastise and not to preach to other children that Your child can not do so... It will not help. But to help your child easier to socialize parents can. How? You can do this:

* discuss with the child problems of interaction, to advise him what to do to bond with the guys, to show him what mistakes he makes;

* invite children from the class/group to your home for a child's birthday, or just to visit, to organize interesting games and contests that bring together children;

* to organize, together with other parents and educator/teacher camping with active games and cooperative Affairs which unite the team;

* to enroll a child in club, section, musical or artistic school (of interest) to ensure harmonious development of the child, and, of course, for socialization in the other group in addition to the class/group.

Parents, it is important to remember that measures taken in time for socialization their child will help him in the future to become a successful person, teach him to work in a team (work team), make friends, build a family, enjoying socializing with other people.

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Elena and Alexander, Bazanchuk, psychologists-psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, Psychological centre "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg

Bazanchuk Elena
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