Public interest (Pro-social) motives are related to the knowledge of the public value activities, with a sense of duty and responsibility to group or society. In the event of prosocial motives on the identification of the individual with the group, its goals and objectives. A person not only considers himself a member of a particular social group, not only identified with her, but lives its problems and interests. Particularly pronounced this motivation in those teams where a more harsh and dangerous conditions of labour activity. In such groups appear faster is required for the viability of the quality of individual personality, as well as discarded those necessary qualities is not.

a Personality who is driven to activities prosocial motives inherent normativity, loyalty to group standards, the recognition of group values, the pursuit of group goals, as well as the protection of group values and their carriers.

as an illustration, you can give an example, when one of employees of military units committed a pretty serious crime, his colleagues not only turned away from him, and joined forces to help. On the question of the chief: "Your people are wrong, committed a crime, and you care about him?" The answer was: "Yes, we understand this perfectly, but we know the person on the other side. His actions depended on our health and life."

Responsible people, as a rule, are more active. They believe that their work and effort depends on the cause.

the Manager is quite important to update the corporate spirit among his subordinates, because without identification with the group (collectivism according to A. S. Makarenko), namely with its values, interests, goals to achieve success is impossible.

Public figure who more than any other identificireba with their country, the lives of her concerns, interests, will be more active in their activities. And will hope that will do more for the prosperity of the state.

In conclusion we may point out that public interest motives associated with identification with a group, a sense of duty and responsibility are important in the motivation of human action. Actualization of the subject of activity of these motifs is able to cause his activity to achieve public objectives.

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