Sociometry by the method of isometric of building the matrix team the "Art-collage"


Materials needed:

1. Pieces of paper number of participants in the group, + 3 size 10X15 to create portraits of the band members. Initially, the size of the leaves limits the ability to put all group members on a common sheet of A4 that requires a strategy for placing all on a common collage.

2. A personal list to each participant to create a shared collage of A4.
3. Quality markers or wax pencils for drawing. no Restrictions on color, which also acts as the diagnostic component when the analysis is completed.
4. Glue or double-sided tape and scissors to fix the portraits on the General sheet .

instruction on implementation of technology.
the Creation of an art collage "Company" a convenient form of sociometric diagnosticheskaia when working with the team. Each participant creates his art-a collage group. On separate pieces of paper draw simplified or the comic image of all group members (family, class, work team, etc.), cuts them and puts it on a separate shared large sheet of A4 paper. br>
All images are recorded on the sheet using double-sided tape or glue.

This technique acts as an alternative form of analysis of relations, the method of sociometric analysis of the status in the team. So leaders, usually placed in the center of a sheet of paper. People with problems in adaptation, do not fit on the sheet or badly hide behind the images of other group members.

the Psychologist receives a lot of information on the portrait view of the participants and the location on the General sheet. An important part of the analysis is the analysis of the possible neighborhood that indicates the priority of this participant in relation to other members of the group.

What is important to note when working with the art collage "Company":
- people, who are the largest (a sign of significance and importance for the team of this person);

- people who are not pictured in the collage, but in reality participate in collective life (a sign of ignoring the person or excluding collective space);- who is depicted with detail, and who symbolically;br>
- analysis of the colours of a portrait;
- cutting the images of certain members of the group;
- comparison of the work of the whole group;
- analysis of a portrait of each of the participants can be performed by drawing the technique of "Self".

analysis Questions techniques:

1. How to create portraits?
2. Whose portrait create was hard and whose easy?
3. Which portrait I liked the most and whose picture failed?
4. Who would you like to change or redraw why?

5. What collages are the group members similar and what?
6. That gave the group perform such a technique?
7. Learned new about each other?
8. What can you conclude?

the Implementation of this technique acts as a psychological cut relations in the team, and reveals the secret, internal communication. To update the relevant partnership mechanisms for the formation of the team for a productive overall performance. It is important to discuss the problematic issues to prevent latent conflicts in.

Petko Lyudmila
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