Any soul is the sun. It's a bundle of solar energy, enclosed in a small body. Small, because compared to the soul - it is really small))) we all Have a huge heart, a huge, bright, clear, clean, beautiful!!! With great stamina and energy! So why, then, not everything is beautiful, clean and clear in our lives and minds, we want to ask you? Why sometimes we feel in a dark hole, or a stuffy cage? Why sometimes you want to howl with despair and hopelessness? It is actually very easy! Just not really at the same time... People have forgotten that they are the heart! First of all-soul! And then everything else that is considered to be components of human nature. You will wonder what then prevents the people to remember and just start to enjoy life as when we were kids? To remember and finally get out of this circle, imaginary problems and sucks in a dark swamp, in which we from time to time by your feelings. Yes, all of again just! This exaggerated the significance of our mind, our ego, is the firm belief that I am what I think, experience, see, feel etc – the reliance on our external and tangible. Much harder to believe and experience their true nature, their bright and sparkling soul, which is so huge! And at the same time, so it's easy to forget about it! And believe in other ideals.... Alas, that happens very often and almost all people who live.... without an understanding of the truth. We no longer live by feelings, we often live "in the head", in my mind.We stopped to breathe, inhaling and drinking the air SIPS.And that is why there is solar Eclipse of our souls...
If the depth of your soul you feel a place of light, joy and warmth - the cold and dark
If life has ceased to please you with its colors
If you don't know what to do and how to help themselves
Please! I'll be glad to help You and become Your guide to the light, goodness and love!!
Drozdova Yana
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