About psychosomatics saying a lot. It's an interesting subject, which gives much food for thought. But there are "reverse" side, when the disease affects the psyche. Somatopsychic – impact postponed (or continued chronic) diseases on the mental condition of the person.

When we are hungry or tired it is logical irritation or lethargy. Feature in behavior, not to decide therapeutic methods – and you need to take and eat, for example.

my colleague and Erasinos Zoya (clinical psychologist, Gestalt-therapist) analysed the main disease characteristic of the Perm region and Perm. Here I will give a few examples. What features can arise with a certain disease? Where psychology has to give way to medicine. And our task (if really need) send this person to a specialist.

disease Name

Specific characteristics which can determine the presence of this disease

physical dimension

thyroid Hormones regulate metabolism, growth, development, influence mood.


(Thyrotoxic goiter, Graves ' disease)



Proptosis (large protruding eyes)

Craw (thyroid gland expansion)

a Tremor of the hands.

Perhaps the destruction of the nail plate.

heat Intolerance, excessive sweating possible.

Excessive production of thyroid hormones. The acceleration of basal metabolism. Necessarily lead to increased anxiety. Appears ajitirovanne. Restlessness.


hypofunction of the thyroid gland.

Completeness. Slow.

Possible swelling of the face, muscle weakness. Perhaps the destruction of nail plates and hair. Dryness of the skin. Intolerance to cold.

the Lack of production of hormones leads to depressed mood, depression, tearfulness, fatigue. Insomnia.

Kidney and liver disease.

the Kidneys and liver-major organs of filtration and disposal in the body.

Viral and toxic hepatitis (alcohol, drugs). Cirrhosis.

kidney Disease.

a yellowness of the skin and mucous membranes (sclera).

If you have problems with the liver: possible protruding abdomen which has bright vein.

Scant hair. Atrophy of the muscles.

Perhaps reddening of the palms, dryness of the skin.

Endointoxication, due to the fact that the products and enzymes of decay are carried by the bloodstream, reaching all organs and tissues, including the brain. The slower rate of mental reactions. Depressed mood, dysphoria, anxiety. A tendency to affect. The reduction of criticality in the later stages.

iron Deficiency anemia (a syndrome that accompanies certain diseases)

Pale skin. Taste perversion. The constant desire to eat is not edible things, chalk, soap, clay, etc.


Frequently during pregnancy.

the Reduction of hemoglobin in the blood-reduced oxygen levels change and metabolism at the biochemical level. The aggravation of the process: the Desire to eat calcium, which impairs iron absorption.

This is an example of how the disease can affect the mood and wellbeing. If You notice that the therapy does not work - it makes sense to learn more about postponed and chronic diseases.

wonder Eroshina

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