Some guidance in improving the quality of life


Good day, friends!

Today I want to share my thoughts about improving the quality of life. Perhaps after reading this text, some of my colleagues will notice that my approach to working with people does not belong strictly to this or that direction of psychotherapy. I know this approach is frowned upon by many psychotherapists and psychologists.

also, I understand that by writing this article, I become vulnerable to colleagues and perhaps what I write will cause criticism and disapproval.

However, I would venture)

I guess I will tell a little about themselves, to make it more clear how I came to such a method of working with clients.

As any psychologist who takes care of your mental health, I took personal psychotherapy, and different therapists with different levels of training. Two of them were Ph. D. and is not engaged in medical psychotherapy.

In Ukraine, unlike Russia, a therapist may be the person without medical education, who has a degree in psychology and training in one of the methods of psychotherapy.

I know that the Russian colleagues believe it is something beyond good and evil).

now, a few years I had therapy within the psychoanalytic direction, a year and a half under the direction of THE few years I worked with a therapist whose training in the method of psychodrama and a few months I had been in therapy within a cognitive-behavioral approach.

At the moment, living in Russia, I certainly consider myself a psychologist and not a therapist.

a few years of practice, namely 6 years, I've developed some guidelines of working with clients, those aspects which, in my opinion, it is especially important to pay attention to.

of Course, the scheme and certain landmark, in any case does not exclude, but complements, individual approach to each person.

let me Make a little disclaimer: I do not work with clients in severe crisis conditions; with clients who need psychiatric help; only work with adults.

As any psychologist, I work with people, the psychological state which corresponds to the norm.

let's Say I have allocated some of the phenomena in the work with people, influencing on which, adjusting that can help the person to improve his quality of life.

And so:

1. Working with personal boundaries.

2. The consideration of conflict of the life situation of the client in the context of family life scenario

3. Work in identifying manipulative games client (in the context of TA), as well as work with defining self manipulations and manipulations of others.

4. Work habits (as a way of change of life scenario)

5. Work with the desires, setting goals based on desires. Creating life goals. Work with the internal barriers which hinder to reach the goal.

6.Work with errors of thinking in the framework (CBT)

7. Diagnosis of depression

Diagnosis of the above phenomena, if necessary, their correction can help the client to improve the quality of life.

If the client discovered depression, counselling is happening in parallel with the customer's appeal for help to a psychiatrist or medical therapy.

Panchenko Julia
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