If you lose someone from your life, don't lose yourself.

At the end is a valuable exercise for a relationship.

To me for advice asked the girl. She is already 30 years old, and relations now there. She loved a young man a few years ago. But he passed away. Since then, she doesn't give anyone the chance. Because the heart is occupied. Man is not, and the place occupied by those who are no longer. How could she build a new relationship. No way. Until you free up space in his soul. br>
We meet people not by accident. There's a reason someone comes into our lives and leaving it. It is difficult to realize that some people are destined to be with us for a while. br>
People who come and go quickly — usually those who open us to new possibilities and ways for growth and development. br>
We do not want to let go of such people because getting used. But I do not understand what someone is temporary, no matter how much we want to return. br>
Not everything has to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Some come to show what is right and what is wrong, to show who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better, or just be someone you can walk at night and to pour out his soul. Not everyone will stay forever, and we have to keep going and be grateful for what they gave us.

I remember my most vivid experience and now I understand why everyone would come into my life and how it has affected what I am today. I shared their deepest thoughts, fears, secrets and dreams with people that are no longer in my life. I don't regret it, because at that moment it was exactly what I wanted to do. br>
I always thought it's terrific that our life intersects with the lives of so many people, and even if you know someone very long, you can influence his life and his story. To look at it from this point of view is very exciting. br>
the faster we understand that not everyone is destined to be a part of our lives, the easier it will be to plunge into a new relationship and appreciate the time with a certain person, letting him go when the time comes. We should squeeze the maximum from the time that we have with each other, and focus on the present. To let go of expectations, assumptions and be filled with the largest possible communication with people.
If you lose someone from your life, don't lose yourself.
so, the exercise. Every day, feel the whole body and say to yourself:

"I release the old and let new. I thank all relations. My heart open like a rose for everything new that life. I accept everything as an experience, with gratitude."

Always remember that just because some people are temporary in your life, it does not make them your memories and experiences are less important.

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Andrei Shishmarev
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