Sooner or later I will have to endure that woman that I live with!


Friends in relationships, it's helpful to think about your own cynicism. Why? Yes, because relationships are built on mutual benefit, is always stronger than a relationship built on mutual love. 
the Above works great, if you look at love as a coincidence of needs. From this it follows that the more between You will be legalized, clarified and accepted, the stronger, deeper and dolgosrochnoi relationship. And in this place, to portray, to lie, to expect that in the future the partner will change, a miracle will happen and he will understand You, it is  unnecessary risk, illusion and importantly, the consequences of which will have to meet You.
Friends will Get easier and easier to find a partner and build a relationship if You will to call things by their proper names, at least for myself...
Believe successful, self-sufficient man, which has long been waging a full-fledged solo life in Moscow, where the woman is in need is weak, because I know those who professionally sells the warmth, so much so that love can be like. 
Sensual tell that a woman is a beautiful creature that feeds on rose petals, going to the toilet a jelly, oozing unconditional love and expect that Your game don't understand is naive. After showing one, but in fact in pursuit of another, You yourself are driving themselves into an awkward position, which sooner or later will reveal, and You will not be in the best light. And most importantly will destroy what You have time to arise.
This does not mean that on the first date need to come with dirty hair, a bad smell and immediately dump all of their problems, needs and features of the physiology of choice. But to mislead a non-existent way just not worth it. For the simple reason that in all respects is the love and the deal, the question is transparent is it?
And the sooner You will understand what actually You expect from the relationship, the easier it will be to wrap it in a good shape and to convey to the partner that received a fair introduction, it will be easier and easier to sacrifice the value of his comfort with the benefit value of the relationship with You. 
Friends who read written and catches himself on the complexities in this area, do not worry, you know, it's only a skill that must be learned, and if You really miss him, don't waste time, contact the professionals.

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