Сопротивление в терапии

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If you go to a psychologist, then you probably have already noticed that sometimes you think of your therapist as a person that torments you, doesn't understand, uses. And there's a natural desire to complete the therapy. To get away from the person who hurts you for your own money. If you don't have negative feelings for their therapist, perhaps you are at the stage of Mergence with him. This dynamic may be preceded by feelings of hatred for the therapist, the phase of depreciation of the therapy. Typically, the resistance change is hidden from the consciousness of the character. You're just protecting already experienced in an unconscious feeling of hatred towards the therapist his decision to leave therapy.

Such strong negative feelings and the desire to implement them by interrupting therapy are referred to in psychoanalytic theory, "resistance".

This process shows that there is a study of the most important issues in your life. And they are associated with how satisfied the need for attachment in the relationship.

the theme of the relationship in therapy is always painful. Without that pain therapy does not come. But, unfortunately, the way of the world that the restoration, recovery, development is also accompanied by pain.

Certainly much easier to respond to emotional pain (for lack of a satisfactory relationship in my life) alcohol, drugs, workaholic, Shopaholic, by any dependencies. And it is very difficult to admit to myself that I am suffering, starving and I need this therapist very much. I need help from another person to to grow up. To stop using others for self-affirmation. To achieve relative peace of mind and learn how to be in relationship, to maintain and cherish other people.

If you feel pain in dealing with a therapist, think about what you are on the verge of a very serious personal changes. If you want to leave therapy and you say to yourself "I don't understand what we do in this office. I feel sorry for the money chatter", think about what therapy you go easy and yourself and your inner tormentors, ever so simply and without effort you will not escape.

Svetlana Kolentsev
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