Yesterday, listening to Karen Shakhnazarov in the program "Right to know". He talked about the fact that Russia currently has military, political and economic sovereignty, but has no cultural sovereignty. So many things imposed on us from outside. And the nation know and remember, and most importantly associated with culture, not with military victories or economic development. We remember Ancient Rome by philosophers, architecture and Roman law, of the Mongols by Genghis Khan and his great YASA, etc.

And I came up with the following thoughts:

After all, psychology is also part of the culture. For example, Freud inseparable from the cultural heritage of Austria and of the German nation.

who develops the culture? Because it is impossible to "pull down" or to create orders. And that means – "I, You, He, She along the whole country!.....". That is, we are with you. Psychology and psychotherapy also a part of our culture.

We know how much effort taken away from our customers of their problems they come to us. Their protection and patterns often take all their energy not letting to work efficiently and live happily. What here creativity and development.

Thus developing and spreading the method of Positive Dynamic psychotherapy (RAP) developed by V. Y. Slabinsky in the framework of the St. Petersburg School of psychotherapy relationships, as a follower of the Russian school of psychotherapy, we too develop the culture. The method relies on great names such as V. M. Bekhterev, A. F. Lazursky, V. N. Myasishchev, V. F. Chizh, B. D. Karvasarsky, with seamless continuity. So it is very original, and not borrowed, and fit our culture.

Working with clients, improving their mental health, working through a field of "Great-we", teaching the client based on its roots to look to the future, we all together, not only contribute to the mental improvement of the nation, but also enable our clients to develop a culture, freeing them from the power of psychological defenses and complexes.

so, according to Shakhnazarov, – to develop the sovereignty of Russia. Good luck on this path colleagues!

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