Sow a habit and reap a character, but is it worth it to change?


Character - some solid, some in the affirmative manque word, but its identity, especially something like "your". We have heard many times the expression "nurture nature", "builds character" and at the same time  - "you and your character won't be getting married", "yeah, your character and personal life are not compatible", "who are you my wife will take with such a character". So same with this character to do? How to treat it?

For starters, I think, should refer to the definition of character. All of us from childhood and school friend Ozhegova dictionary gives this definition: "1. Character is a set of mental, spiritual properties of man coming in his behavior. Strong-willed, solid, gentle to Withstand H. H. (to maintain the hardness, not to give in chemn.). In the nature of chemn. (peculiar to-n). A man of character (hard character). A man without character (weak-willed). Strong characters (also Perrin.: people with a strong character). Literary characters (characters with their characteristic features). 2. Characteristic, peculiarity, quality of what Mr. X. Lingering illness. Conversation of a business nature. H. location. Tolkovyĭ dictionary Ozhegova and Shvedovoj̆


D of course, it is. But I like another definition. Here it is

And what should I define like is the fact that reference is made to the temperament. Because it really is a temperament as the set of mental characteristics that determine speed, speed and features of reactions that builds character. On the one hand, this could see the hopelessness of that nature you cannot change, be like? On the other hand, this seems to be the identity, which is subject to study of traumas and demons, becomes an individual resource person who guides him towards his soul.

His character is not to be feared, his need to explore, to learn and understand, educate and nurture, but in any case not be ignored, because the character with whom you became friends in the end will bring you to the desired goals and events.

Character is needed in everything, even to force myself to wash the dishes or vacuum. I'm not talking about big things. Character needed everywhere - at work; in the education of will power; the belief itself; in the knowledge that all is well, and will be even better. In sex, that he was not just a horizontal rest; in education, to grown Person, and not a man frightened of his own shadow. The nature of your Self, your life, so as soon as I woke up, let nature soak yourself thoroughly and only then step into a new day.

©V. Gubanov

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