Analysts international company Hays survey 2018, noted the increase in the number of open vacancies. 46% of companies said that are in dire need of rare and new professionals.

Awesome information on the background of the fact that many of my friends are in search of work for a long time. We are not talking about blue-collar jobs, of course, but the specialists of intellectual work, the banking sector, for example, which is undergoing another crisis. It does not matter what results you have employees, it is equally difficult to adapt to market changes, discover new business area.

Main reasons for fear of change:

  • Loss of stability. Even if the person is not employed, he always have hope to find a job on the basis of previous experience.

Alexey, 40, an employee of the Bank - "I Have practically no hope to find work in their field because of the crisis. But to look for another job I don't want to. I'll wait for what I offer."

  • Lack of resources. To get a new professions are needed and time and money.

Anna, 35 years old, lawyer. "Law I'm terribly tired, but she feeds me, besides, I have so much time and effort invested in it, just a shame to quit. And really want to quit".

  • Uncertain future. Will the business whether the business is in the mountain, will you be successful in a new field, it is not known in advance. It is always a risk.

Yuri, an employee of the retail business, "At work, I just earn money. And my hobby is photography, but not sure I can completely replace them with my career and earn enough. Besides, now on the market a lot of photographers"

where to begin?

If You decide to change, then most likely, you already have a rough plan of action. Another case, if you hesitate, doubt, time passes inexorably, and your anxiety only increases.

Experience the fear of change is normal. But to do nothing is also not safe for the psyche. So to start:

Decide - hobby or profession? Decide for yourself whether you are ready and want to make your new business became the business of your life, or maybe just a hobby.

get support. Husband, wife, friend, therapist, coach, anyone. It is important that this person believed in you.

don't put too high goals in a short period. How much you spent the time to develop in your area? A new profession may take less, but most likely will go faster because you already have experience.

If still in doubt, come to the consultation, we will understand together. And in the New year make your wish and strive for its implementation )) happy New year!

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