"what are you doing at the moment may be your last act on earth, your last battle. In the world there is no force that could guarantee you that you will live at least another minute" (Carlos Castaneda)

were there ever moments when You didn't know what to do when I felt a load of problems and wanted the break? to be alone, to go somewhere far, far away? State, when it was just a human bad? Or it was necessary to make an informed decision? Or to stay in silence? Maybe You just didn't want to leave the house? But the possibility to leave, to leave was not or You do not know where to go? And the desired state of tranquility, balance didn't know how to find?
I Invite You to a Space of Change. Space change is a quiet, sacred place where you can be in tisina and tranquility.
Here is valid any thought, any feeling, any desire.
Here you can be yourself.
there is the possibility, looking into the depths of his own Soul, to hear the Inner Voice and understand...
Here you can go back and be what you fancy...

to Move into the Space of Change

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