Spermogram of the husband is very bad, and the couple plans a baby.
a Pretty common situation lately.

So why is it, she thinks.
everything can be treated and here at you, his semen is no good. But it was good! Here even more surprising.

Where's the beef?

If you analyze the time line from the point "was found-married" to the point "long ago planned child and not" at the beginning of the road with a side order, but through the years, planning all the trouble. Hence the reason you need to look at this line of their life together.

Living man. Cheerful. On the road to my future wife, no problems with sperm.
And now, married. Love-carrot. And here in films comes the Butler, tapping his cane on the floor and exclaims, – the Second act of the ballet marlezonskogo Planning pregnancy.

I Try a month, two, year, third. The house is magic and sweetness of the first months of Dating hung heavy fog of tension, tears and anger.

rings the alarm and, like a tornado at the man approaching the magic word Ovulation.
Save yourselves.
His woman wants a baby, but fails and nerves are all on edge, he says – yeah, okay. And his body turns off the function responsible for sperm. Because when a man under pressure, his natural reaction is to isolate themselves, not give what the other wants. And he's unconscious.
Sitting the Egg in the castle, looks out of his Sperm. He clean up nicely, perfumed. Handsome. Gallops to her. And then she, seeing him afar off, runs down the stairs, running towards him, pulls him from his horse, and tightly wraps his hands, grips and throws – "I need you baby, that's the sun at its Zenith, and it is a sure sign that right now". And look at him, demanding eye – "And you drink vitamins? No? As it is not, I 5 cans you bought."

what do you think is happening in this moment with the Sperm?
to Say that he is shocked is an understatement. In his picture of the world was the route. But he does not have time to bring it to life as an Egg, she's a woman grabs him and holds tightly, because they have (she thinks so, and he must perform).

so sit men poor guy, which drove Ovulation and universal Vitaminization, at the doors of doctors ' offices. Holding the semen and the sperm get stuck, drown, or they do not.
Where to look for the answer?
There, in a relationship with a woman. Sperm is also hiding from ova-controllers, or pretend that they are not.

now let's look psychosomatics male weakness.
When he was a child, the boy's mother demanded, teach English, read, write, read again, play the violin, do it... And in childhood, the boy could puff sponge, slam the door, shout in response – "I will not!"

the Boy grew up. Can decide to read or not to read, to drink vitamins or not to drink. Even the woman he chose. And at some point he feels the pressure, begins to hear the familiar, demanding tone. And the pressure is stronger and stronger, even if the wife is silent, her face says it all.
But now he can't pouting lips and burnout don't want, I won't. What is he doing?

Right. men there is one function that he can handle the situation. He disables the male function. And the couple there is a male infertility factor.

a man may not be ready to have a child, but is afraid to tell her. Then, the poor sperm count is also a good option to correct the situation.

That's why, if a couple have problems with male function, to find the answer you need there, in a pair.

What do they do? How to recover good sperm?
we'll talk About this with psychologist and back in the classroom our School "Planning a pregnancy". lyubyts'ke Oksana
lyubyts'ke Oksana
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