the performance of the enterprise and wellbeing of employees is largely determined by the socio-psychological climate in the collective of the enterprise.

the Success of the entire team is fully determined by the results of the work of its members. Team is an Association of people who have interpersonal relationships, focused on solving problems and achieving a common goal. Thus, any group forms two systems of relationships: business or formal and informal interpersonal relationships. Business is expressed in relationships of interdependence, control and responsibility; is based on respect for rigid hierarchy, business hierarchy according to their role and their status in the team. unofficial or Informal – develop on the basis of mutual sympathy, common interests of individual members of the team, are a kind of "adhesive material", the damper tension in an office setting.
it is Impossible to only focus on formal or informal relations, because they are inseparable: through the functional, role-based interaction always "Shine" emotional, personal, election, the relationship between team members. the
Steady spiritual atmosphere, or the mental attitude of the team, manifested in the relations of people to each other, and in relation to General business conditions are an important "healthy climate in the team". From the level of its development depends on the health of employees and General business activity.
Socio-psychological climate is manifested in the peculiarities of feelings of group members, in the individual health of each employee and satisfaction in their chosen profession.
depending on the impact on activity and personality psychological climate in the team may be: favorable and unfavorable.
it is Known that in groups with a healthy, favorable socio-psychological climate, friendly relations, mutual trust, assistance and support to each other, achieves higher performance, reduced violations of labor discipline, softer resolve conflict situations, rationally use working hours, etc. In such groups is dominated by a stable personnel policy, people are moving to other jobs only on grounds of promotion. In this case, there is a creative atmosphere, wherein a positive attitude, confidence in the overall success, peace, regularity and rhythm activities. A positive impact on the cohesion of the team and the results of its activities in the mood of elation, enthusiasm. Relationships between team members are of a confidential nature, employees do not ingratiate yourself with the boss.
Undoubtedly, the wellbeing of each member of the team, a sense of community ("one for all and all for one"), General positive emotional attitude determine the success of the activity performed. Thus, a favorable socio-psychological climate in the team guarantee of effectiveness the entire enterprise.

a Somewhat different pattern in the groups with unfavorable socio-psychological climate: not interested in the results of their work, lack of initiative, low cohesion of the team members. In such groups there is no stable "professional core", allowed frequent misconduct, conflicts at the interpersonal level, employees seek to avoid any personal responsibility for the results of their work "behind the scenes" discuss the personal qualities of the supervisor, some members of the team. Often there are no conditions for proper performance of functional duties: low equipment of operating rooms, lack of equipment, poor sanitary conditions and other Leaders do not enjoy proper authority among the group members, show no interest in the needs and demands of their employees. In critical situations, are not able to find the right style of management work team, to organise its work. The actual management of the team is in the hands of informal leaders. This situation leads to a lack of interaction between departments in enterprise-wide, and this creates misunderstandings and tensions between them. In this case there is no possibility of professional realization of the employees, there is a stereotyped work and communication with colleagues sudden shouts, mistrust and suspicion.
These psychological aspects confirm the importance of socio-psychological climate in enhancing the effectiveness of activities, stabilizing the professional core, reducing staff turnover, strengthening the working discipline of the employees of the company.

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