And a woman a woman is:

And mother, and sister, and wife,

Put it, and Wake,

And give to the wine road.

Holds her husband and son,

Hug on the very edge...

(Vladimir Soloukhin)

But can a mother be different? And what is motherhood for the mother herself, how it is acquired?

First of all, the woman is a woman? Or, first of all, the woman is a mother? The answer to these questions depends on the position occupied by the questioner. If we look from the position of a child or of a person for the first time with a woman, naturally for him, any woman, especially a mother. Search maternal care and love are vital to any person after birth. But as they grow older the world becomes more complicated and is the period when the subject of development it is necessary to enter the world relationships of people. This occurs after 3 to 4 years approximately. Need someone to be in this relationship, be somebody: a boy or a girl. Entering the sexuality of any neurotic can not be avoided!

the Girl is inside "posted" his mother and identified with her as a mother, who feeds and care for. She already uses a spoon and feeds in this plan herself because of it. But now it faces an important task – to make a meaningful another of his nature and "placed" inside of the mother – sexual. Be tempting for men and compete with women. The choice is not easy – to stand before the father in a different light, and show itself all over the world.... Even with that choice, many are trying to cover up something – look at teenagers and you will see how to deal with it girls. A lot of options: from outright demonstration sexy fashion to boyish style. But what happens in the shower? Experiences of the relation to the women's girl plenty. But the attitude to something is through someone else. Therefore, an important role in this process will play the father. A lot depends on how he will stand the sexuality of his daughter, as going to look at her and what to say. Now they have other relationships....., but she has other fantasies about his life. The recognition of her sexuality and the confirmation for the incest taboo – a prerequisite, provided a father to grow up and develop for women. If successful outcome of growing the girl wants to find love, get married and have a baby.

something like this or different variations of the the girl grows into a woman. And in that woman there's always a few – "and the mother and sister, and wife...." Neurotic breakdown on a woman-mother and woman-woman most common. The question "What do women want?" - not be idle. What does the mother holding the baby in her arms? She wants to........ and the list goes on: from the health of the baby.... to the recognition of her husband and her feminine beauty. You can get confused. What she wants – she doesn't know.... But the main thing she wants to do!

Where she desire belongs to whom is another question........

Plotnikova Olga
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