Probably you know the state when you appear inside the growing sensation that is rapidly trying to escape, caught up inner energy, thoughts, feelings, desires something to say or do. When the inside appears easily, which supports your desire to speak, to do, to create. Allowing yourself to sink into this state, you release within yourself the enormous force, moving easily and quietly in your body, allowing you to be yourself.

such is the spontaneity that is born deep within you that spreads through the body, carrying ease, relaxation and enjoyment. It's what happens when you allow yourself to touch it.

for many, However, spontaneity is not enough available or even blocked. Often at the time of her birth, is born and the sense of shame, entailing a sense of their own irrelevance, when there is fear to be evaluated or look funny and not perfect. This is the moment when begins to control not only what is happening around you, what others say, think what will be after this, but myself, what I say, as they say, what they do, how I look. Remember: the stronger the control, the less spontaneity remains pronounced in appearance. It is more hiding there again inward, where they tried to escape. Born in the body and is caught in a vise of control, the energy is internally directed to the maintenance of shame and fear, which appear on the surface, and by all means keep your spontaneity.

it will happen as long as you don't give yourself the right to lightness, the right to pleasure, right to be themselves.

the Spontaneity is what allows people to be themselves, to listen to yourself, go outside with your thoughts, ideas, bodily sensations. That allows you to be creative and artistic without regard for others, without fear of evaluation, and commitment to excellence. That allows you to freely float in the endless stream of inner energy, filled and enjoying internal freedom.

Lyudmila Snitko
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