How often in the counselor's office to hear: "Give me clear instructions of my actions in achieving success." "Tell me a step by step plan how to marry well". "I need a clear algorithm of management of emotion." Tell me the recipe how to be happy" About the need instructions I was already discussed in the article, but today let's talk about spontaneity, and today I propose to understand the concept of "spontaneity"

the First thing to remember: you must open yourself to spontaneity – or, more precisely, to re-open, because as a child you were spontaneous. But you've lost the spontaneity, because you're so cultured: discipline, moral principles, virtues, personality. Did you learn to play many roles and therefore have forgotten the language of his own "I". Love is spontaneity.

just note that the person infantile-" life child" is different from a person with a pure childlike perception of the world. Spontaneity is the nature state of consciousness, when you are in the here and now, you become like a stream, spring Creek, which is itself picking their way around obstacles and filling the trench..You are yourself thread, not a blade of grass which bears a stream, or a swimmer floating in the stream with the current or against...

the Spontaneity manifests itself as a behavioral flexibility in cooperation with the world..this is the love of yourself and the world in the practice of every day..

try to be spontaneous= to torture yourself and nothing more)) And there is learn to observe yourself, games, your ego, your thoughts, what really makes sense to pay attention to.Attempt implies an effort, as observation suggests complacency: you totally relaxed and just see what passes by. There is a sense of becoming a witness to your thoughts.

Thoughts are always on mind. Just be relaxed sit in a comfortable chair as if watching TV. Mind – this is a built in TV! It can be easy to watch, and the image is very colorful. And so, just by watching, you will see that the observer is not seeing that seeing is not visible. Begins to be a Department, disidentification with the complex "body – mind". And in this disidentification you start to concentrate, you begin to root in its very essence. It makes you spontaneous.

When a person is immersed in ego he interacts with the world stereotyped reflex, without even noticing, and gets generally the same type of situation,which he calls walking on the rake. Even realizing that once again caught with a rake to the head, the person does not change anything in my life.

That facilitates the development of spontaneity?

the Nature of any creative work is the spontaneity-doing in his every action. Look at your life as a permanent act of creation. With a creative mindset, start each step in the bottom of the new) Creatively Wake up, the day, new smile. creative brush teeth, eat Breakfast so creative and every action. Draw, sing, dance, work your life.

Develop the flexibility and plasticity of his body -mind will catch up)

And three exercises for the development of spontaneity to help you)

the Spontaneity of a condition-based happiness. Spontaneity is the highest Zen human developing. It makes no sense to impose the nature of their desires, but to respond quickly to her call — this is the highest wisdom of Zen.

the point is not that everything is just practice. The point is just to observe everything that happens to you, what goes through you – then one day you see your observer, you realize your own awareness. This is the highest point of human growth, above it is nothing.

Spontaneity into your life!!

Cozy and warm last days of winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you", you say" pressing the button "thank you" )

Tatiana Savenko
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