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How often do we put off until tomorrow the important decisions, initiating new projects, and in General, any significant change in life. Why?

Why is it sometimes easier to give up the dream, than to take a step, another, the third in her direction?
Sometimes the price of success is too high - the total fear of losing. To lose what we have now, losing something that now only seek and yearn for with all my heart. Sometimes it's easier not to have.
But to give up entirely their desires, plans, aspirations, people can not. Because then you have to admit that it is satisfied with what is (or not?) now that it is better he does not want, can not, worthy. Scary, isn't it? Generations have grown up on slogans "faster, higher, stronger." The race for more and more high results in many in the blood. We constantly need more. More apartment, steeper machine, above the post, a couple of zeros to the number in the Bank account to another education, to fly in a dozen countries.
And do I need really? Do we know what to do with it? Are you ready to give up something else? Or are you actually comfortable today? Can we say: thank you, I have enough, what is?
And if not? If something still want, something I dream and dream at night, whether we are ready actually to get it? Do we understand the price changes? Sometimes to implement the ambitious project you have to sacrifice your personal life, sometimes you have to deny yourself the usual things that fill our lives with daily joy, sometimes dizzying increase in leads was measured, and a very comfortable life suddenly flipped upside down just a couple of weeks. And, it would seem, built everything, we have to suddenly start from scratch. Yes, this is the next level. But the fact of the complexity: level new all over again, it may not be relevant past achievements.
are we Aware that there are no guarantees? We can crawl, walk, run in the direction of your dreams, but there is no guarantee that we will achieve that all efforts are not in vain, and that even if it had desired we might hold, to keep.
We are used to controlling things! More precisely, to think that we can do it. We unsettle and sometimes even the most minor deviation from our plan: traffic jams, delay the RFP for a couple of days, moved at the last moment the meeting date emerging not as we would like.
How to be then more global things? How to live, to create in conditions of total uncertainty and the inability to control? How to start something at least as something important and meaningful, but without any guarantees?
it may Be, it is important to clearly understand what you really want? What are you doing. Where your own desires and goals, and imposed by society, parents, environment? To realize the price you're actually willing to pay for it.
... However, not attached to the result. To abandon the desire to possess and totally control. To shake the idea that nothing belongs to us - always and guaranteed. It is impossible to continue. It is impossible to decide once and for all. Everything changes every second. We are constantly changing, the world is changing. Every moment is a moment of choice. You can stock up on templates and hope that they will be always relevant, you can endlessly look at the world through the prism of the past, and possible - to analyze, to see and feel in the moment, to make decisions consciously. Ask yourself questions: what really is important and necessary here and now, despite the fact that it had been different? Not to stick to what I'm used to that I promised myself or someone "never" or "always now" regardless "I went to this for a long time."

Catherine of FACS
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