after Watching the last part of the film "what men talk About", I suddenly came up with the idea: "what is my purpose?"
And it's not even in the movie, its the script or the actors, no, you your questions. That's right, he was inside me for two long years, was tormented by insomnia at night, "choked" the bitter and salty tears in moments of despair. Question!
As just to be honest to myself,but how could I not want...
it's So heavy. Always ahead of important discoveries were three obstacles: a Lack of Faith, Laziness, Fear of failure
why should I now be afraid? Answer.
no. Actually not him but his absence.
It's easy to make decisions for others, taking responsibility for your life is always hard.
So what is it my purpose, in all honesty how to say "hand on heart"?
Perhaps in the work: to write, to write, to "fascinating" in my alias, or had mistaken me with a famous someone, could hour "pass" time reading my stories.
And can help people? How many people come to me, and with each, I laid out until the last minute, while working as a psychologist.
Perhaps the purpose of Love? To be a loving wife or loved one? To appreciate every moment spent with your beloved and with family, what could be more important than this?
re-Reading the above, understand that a lot of high-sounding phrases, and that is not "warm".
I just had the scene from cute cartoon from the Studio "Disney" where magic tape-the conveyor "go" baby beetles. This boys and girls, with rosy cheeks and flaxen curls, each having his color nipple. They are fun to move around the tape and getting a new pacifier, then a bottle of milk, a rattle, and in the end there in front of them appears a big white box, and inside it the kids are less than a minute. The tape is momentarily stopped and continues to move on and think that nothing happens here, nothing important, but it is deception.
In fact, this is where it all starts and determines the life of the baby. It getting here a little, continuing to laugh happily and without understanding anything, but it's a split second when he directed a large white lantern etched in his memory, not allowing to forget this moment ever. At first it will be strange dreams ,and then more will start to clear up already and for Adults You will understand-that it was decided then!
Two big stork gently raise You up, examined under a large magnifying glass and in no time you tummy will appear to stamp, as a small tattoo.
Imagine if this actually happened? At birth, in the hospital, in your first moments of life, You not only washed and weighed and then passed into the loving hands of the Mother ,but the doctor came with a print in hand and making a mark on the tummy, aloud:
-Future physicist!
And going to the next house shouted:
-Who's next!
And gone.
All, all is clear: You, Mom, Dad, family and everyone in the know.
You always knew your destiny!
And again "sneaky" like a knife in the back a question, what if I disagree? Did You have a choice? All resolved?
But I would like to try yourself in something else?
So which is better: a choice without a choice or is it "freedom" of choice, You decide!

Tarakanov-Yumina Catherine
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