"I don't want anything", "nothing inspires me", I think, familiar to everyone. "Existential crisis", "loss of meaning" — this stage is called differently. Today I want to introduce you to one of the most pleasant ways.

the fact that we are losing your way, enjoyment of life (which is quite possible most of the time of day), when you stop to listen to yourself. I would say to listen to yourself. There is a "inner gut", "intuition", "the 6th sense", which is designed to lead us to the right place. I'm not talking about magic and a higher purpose. I about how important it is to hear, in principle, the feelings inside us.

So, how to get into the big "I want", "dream". Then you can not do without tenderness for himself, caring about himself and not afraid of the word, "love yourself". How to hear the other person, if not be attentive to it? No way. And this will not work.

How long have you been doing gifts to yourself? And anyway, you have made yourself something to reward? Yes, not your loved ones or employees, and yourself? This is one of the indicators of attention to himself. Maybe your family was not accepted this, but trust me - it is a sign and guarantor of a healthy emotional state.

to Do a lot of little "like", what does that mean? Sometimes writing by hand that is a favorite pen (or pencil), because I like it. To get forgotten musical instrument and to extract from it sounds. Make a drawing of your loved one or surprise anyone. To establish something in the car that you've been putting off or just wash (not when it is required, and when wanted). To buy a phone, tablet, not the best performance or price, and that is attractive. And even if he doesn't like, it's important sometimes to "tick" and to satisfy "nadasi call of the heart". Get up early and cook yourself a delicious Breakfast. Buy a ticket for the concert of your favorite childhood group. To give something close or even a colleague from a distant Department. Sometimes to buy a thing that doesn't really need, but want. Unexpectedly to call an old friend just to see what he's do. To go to a new Park, city, country. Set the desktop on a gadget to clean the computer or View the photos of some year of his life. To collect friends, instead of waiting for that call. Put on your favorite football team, even if she's not a favorite. To stop and breathe in the fresh air with full chest (or belly, which is considered useful).
starving to Feed your "inner child", to "daydreaming" as a child. And he will show you your basic "want".

And now appliances. Very simple. At the same time you will feel how real the moment to change its internal state, the emotional background of even the simplest things. And this, in turn, will reflect, as far as I can possibly manage your mood, thoughts, life.

Write to 100 points "I like to do." In a notebook in notes mobile, anywhere. Share some in the comments.

Denis Naumov
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