You're telling me - I'm not happy, my dear man. You say I'm doing a lot wrong and is not something. What do you expect from me? What I would have guessed your thoughts? What I would do as you want? I'm not going to tell you about the price, the payback and respect.

I ask you – why are you not doing yourself what you demand of me? You want a penthouse? I want a house. You wanna go to the beach, I want the forest. Do you think that I should make your dream come true?

I'm not going to do it, I am ready to share with you your aspirations and to participate in them. It's your dream not mine. I'm happy your happiness that you will achieve them. I will realize my dream.

When you are not satisfied with how you are doing, and you don't pay money for it. What you are not happy? Choosing the wrong contractor? Those that did not give clear instructions and not talked about? What is not said – whether the person is willing to do his will out of respect for you, consciously going for such expenses. Or is he doing it through his resistance not evaluating your expenses and the status of asking, staying unsatisfied.

here is an example of my neighbors. Some neighbors mowing the grass and gathered in piles. Others were in agreement to remove it. First, after waiting a few days, and not being able to take her, burned her. There was a lot of smoke. The second neighbors began to reproach the first, is that they are doing wrong and not. Forgetting the fact that they themselves had not complied with the terms of the contract. When second would do what was necessary, they would not have had claims to the smoke and stench. The first did not show claims. They just did.

as in common life. There are things that you do partner will. And what they require from you. What you do you partner and what he requires from you. What is shown in movies and written in books, just love adults. Mature and conscious. Someone said - to live in love is to guard each other's loneliness. Give your partner a chance to strive for his dream, racing at his request, supporting. And to be in the same free alone to conduct their personal dreams. Personal and not joint. Whether its car, home, career, passion. When desires coincide - children, house, car or something else, it is usually not subject to interpretation. Assuming the exchange of information without disguising her shades. That is, the agreement and joint execution.

When you feel bad alone. And you require the partner to always be around, you can sacrifice its interests for the sake of this safety in the vicinity. Not thinking and does such a partner. Is he able to give long enough so close. It is also necessary to attend to their personal matters. So go about your business and you will have so many claims to others.

Igor Eroshkin
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