In cognitive-behavioral therapy have their own formats that we offer in a particular variation, depending on the client's objectives and, accordingly, the purpose of therapy, but any diaries can bring us so much benefit.

They unwittingly transferred our lives in a more conscious option because before you can write about yourself, your feelings, your event, we are thinking how to formulate the most accurate and make a very important stop in running of the day.

you as well as I was open and understanding in moments of stop of the endless important things? I think that many answered "Yes".

And the realization of the moment, he gives us happiness or Vice versa, a very important step to think about what to keep and increase in your life, and what prevents and makes it stress that should change.

Through the diary we can openly Express all that pent up during the day, repeating many times the same thing, how many of us ourselves will be important not to try to play the role and pretend.

We can write all of your reactions to what is happening in your life, then give yourself a little "cool off" and return to events to try to look at them more rationally, give yourself an opportunity to understand yourself and other people. When we are free from thinking , as our thoughts will react to the surrounding people, freer work as the left "rational" and the right "creative" , which may tell us something more unusual options out of difficult situations.

the better we understand our anxieties, fears, any experiences, the closer we are to transfer the stresses in life experience, which doesn't sting anymore, but instead fills us with confidence in how best to proceed in a given situation, gives us confidence.

Numerous studies show that keeping a journal in which clinics patients to freely Express their emotions, helped them quickly get out of depression. We can say that the diary was to some extent anti - depressant.

it is Important to record not only negative, but also positive events and emotions. It helps deeper and better experience and fix them in my memory.

Perhaps the first, to keep a daily diary will not be easy, this is how to add to itself another task for the day. But when it becomes a habit, it will not take you a lot of time and effort. You can even artificially limit time, for example 5-10 minutes per day.

the diary not to impose any rules not followed spelling, etc., the main free flow of your thoughts...

so, the assignment for the week, start writing a diary!

I Will be glad to your comments and finds you want to share!

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