Statistics love Dating, leading to treasons


If you take those surveyed "the apostate", who met her new man while he(a) had the support of(a) a loving relationship with another partner for one hundred percent, we can see the following:

- 30% of "apostate" and "two-timers" are introduced at the time when they are... while away the time waiting for your current partner(!!!). br>Men meet when their girlfriend or wife sitting at the hairdresser, nail salon, tanning in tanning beds, stand in queues in banks (usually for payment of utilities), "ten minutes" come to visit friends, "half an hour" come to finish his work etc.
Girls and women learn when they slowly (there is a small lead time!) paramount men with gymnasiums, gymnastics clubs, sun decks, beauty salons, when they are somewhere at bus stops (or on the side of the road) waiting caught in a traffic jam other, until the next date (or the duty of the meeting) still have half an hour to walk around the shops, etc., etc.

note: This variety Dating cheating more than logical! Think about it: well-dressed people (ahead of the date!), in a good mood, not in a hurry, in my head there are no thoughts of work or study, etc. As the saying goes, God himself commanded to pay attention to these... Here's some pay! br>
- 30% of "apostate" and "two-timers" learn in the moment when between them and their partners (husbands, wives) there are serious quarrels and for some time nobody wants to take the first step towards reconciliation.
it was at this time in the head often raises the obvious question: "Where to go, where to go...". br>
- 30% of "apostate" and "two-timers" themselves take the initiative of Dating (or girl begin to dress brighter and thus attract the attention of the "outsiders" of men) when it becomes quite clear that the whole "hopelessness" of existing relationships. br>
Agree – this is more than scary stats! Stunningly terrible! Creepy even for the author himself, who has revealed...
And if you take that very seriously, I strongly advise you the following:

Practical tips deriving from statistics.
love Dating, leading to treasons

- know love expectations of the close person;
- always try to justify them;
- never be late for meetings and appointments;
- best of all – come to the meeting and Dating is not "butt", and in advance. So you will be able to prevent something that someone will take advantage of your absence...;
- addressing some of their own everyday problems, try to keep your loved one somewhere nearby and within their line of sight. And then, as the saying goes, "one never knows"...;
- do not quarrel with your loved one for nothing;
- if you still had to fight – not to delay the reconciliation. After half an hour call and honestly confess what you without him(her) very badly. Perhaps, this act will save your relationship and keep your partner (and yourself!) from "situational adultery". br>
introduction to uncertain motives on the principle of "nothing to do"
is the most terrible "sword of Damocles", which all
time hanging over the encountered sex. br>
you Know it. Give yourself this full report. Secure from this Dating "nothing to do" and you and your loved one! Eliminate most of the "empty time gaps" of their own and others ' lives. Agree: when we are always late for something, chances are it's not like I really need someone's love connection will take place, very little...

Love Dating is the same poison which in some cases is medicine, helps us to find someone to live, and in other cases it starts to poison and kill an existing relationship...
All you need to know and therefore very gently open the same box love ancient goddess of strife and discord Pandora which can come as quite a decent friendship and strong family relationships, and the most "uncertain druzisky", which will take three to five years of life, over absolutely nothing and will leave behind years of painful and nagging heart with such memories, love exploring and "experiments" people may not be resolved even a decade. br>

Zberovskiy Andrew
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