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once the Cheburashka changed my mind. Something he just thought up... something unusual, but then suddenly changed his mind. It would seem that such? Change your mind and everything. But there it was. Somehow became Cheburashka sorry for in vain produmannoe idea.

In this sad situation and caught him on the nose. Piglet came to Cheburashka quite by accident. And then... and then just couldn't go home. Honestly, he twice tried to leave, but he stopped each time. No, you can't say that he couldn't leave because too narukana. "Mahrukat" in the worldview of the Piglet is exclusively "positive" action. And leave he could not for some other... a "negative" reason.

that evening Cheburashka just put the Piglet to bed. However, we cannot say that he put the Piglet to bed quite willingly. He probably did it slightly violently. Slightly. But as the patch at that time did not understand the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, neither of which the violence he had not thought of. He never thought much. It simply and simply decided that if they put him to sleep, then this is a positive thing in his life. However, he persistently interfered with the recollection of how once Winnie-the-Pooh taught him to leave on time. Because if time does not leave, then can happen something such, what will then ashamed. But what is a shame about this Piglet Winnie explained.

I Must say, the Piglet did not know such words as "ashamed". Because if he knew what "shame", then it would be a shame for everything. Why? - No one knows. That's how the pig.

Vinnie Do a lot of things not explained Piglet. Whether out of sympathy... whether due to the fact that a lot of things are not understood. Did not understand, and hesitated to ask. Were afraid to ask, for example, Cheburashka, why he loves when the Piglet is asleep. And what does that even mean. What exactly love Cheburashka when Piglet's sleeping?
to be honest, that Cheburashka himself is not yet understood in what he likes in a sleeping Piglet. Because Cheburashka was very hairy, and it is for this reason not very well in currently understood. Well.. here it is. He did not know how to explain it... Too much hair... And also somehow a little shy. True, he hesitated less when Piglet fell asleep. In General, so he loved when penny was asleep. Here.

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