Step-by-step algorithm of the scandal with his wife.


brief instructions about how cool it is quarreling with his wife or to avoid it.

make it Clear what is inside the wife occurs, resulting in the scandal. Directly on the steps. And what we can do to make a memorable quarreling or avoid it.

Step 1. My husband thought that the wife is born inside a bad mood. The wife still may not be aware that she is beginning to spoil the mood.

I should say. Men, if you thought that his wife began to deteriorate the mood, you do not seem!

- If you want to row, then ignore this "show". And begin to prepare for the scandal.

- If you want to avoid, then ask her: "Honey, what you want? Let me give you a foot massage will do." This will allow wife to switch on how to please yourself and improve your mood. The voltage will come to naught. Inexperienced men suggest to dump somewhere for a t time, can and will carry. But this technique always use fail. At some point, the punishment will overtake

Step 2. The wife feels that within her some discomfort, some tension. The wife as a woman, being completely stupid reflexing. She knows what she feels but doesn't know why. The cause of her discomfort to her obvious. But something is wrong and it's "wrong" written on her face and felt the sharp movements and gestures.

By the way, my husband, he's a man, a creature in General, not reflexing. We voooooobshe don't know what we feel. Sometimes we want to have and want sex.

- If you wish to row, you continue to ignore what's going on with his wife. Believe me, it will soon ripen and delight us with scandal.

- If you want to avoid scandal, then intercepted the initiative and shift the focus of attention. Loudly and dramatically proclaim: "You know, my boss/neighbor/colleague is such a jerk , he's..." and the story about what this asshole did. And half an hour discussing with his wife what people are still bastards. When the stress subsides, fixed: "Mother, how are you? Something about me, but about me. What do you have today?". And dutifully and obediently listen as much as his wife should.

Step 3. The wife of a discomfort and internal stress requires urgent discharge. Besides, next to the eternal source of all trouble in her life – her husband. Three standard topics for claim: sex (you're still on the heifers stare!), children (you do, my children do not help!) and money (when we will be able to afford the trip to the sea!), but the list goes on. So there is a reconnaissance – unexpected (weird huh?) claim.

- If you want to row. Begin to justify or attack in response. A pronounced phlegmatic else may be able to ignore. The situation will be short and bright, reconnaissance to end quickly. Wife will go to prepare for full-scale offensive, to remember wrongs, to come up with facts to formulate graceful and not very reproaches and accusations. Accordingly we are building to strengthen areas, digging trenches, stretch barbed wire, minefields, etc.

- If you want to avoid scandal. Agree with all heard: "Yes, dear, you're right. Something I do lately I screw and I screw". Do guilty. And do not stop there: "I See that you're tired and worried. Native love you immensely, I'll do it." Then translate to the construct: "See, that's something else you had. What really happened? Sit here, let me hug you...". Remember that if the cause of the discomfort is not installed and not worked, then everything can be repeated indefinitely. To install it, without it we can not, therefore, need to help.

Step 4. Attack! She was preparing, so it's never boring. We thought we were prepared. Yes no Phi, ha! Our parallel and perpendicular mens thinking never anticipate all the beauty and grace of women's accusations, claims and recriminations. We hurt, we understand suffering as our suffering wife. This unity perfectly!

- Want to make brighter and hotter. Begin to scream in response, to blame. Hear "jerk" yelling "the goat". Hear "impotent", shouting "frigid". Well, in short, you know how to do everything, I am sure that is just a fun time. If you want to supanut pepper, then you can start to throw objects and bream to give her. Prepare to be scratched and to catch the plates of the head. Tomorrow, both look elegant.

- Remember that an hour of a football match and would like it to look. Quickly, loudly, and actively agree with all heard. Intercepted the initiative and begin immediately to repent in any way possible. But with repentance carefully. Try to stay in the hallway heard. If you probleem something that sounds, the wife may resent the fact that our imagination was richer. This will spur her to continue and beat us in this competition. At least, promise something big and huge, I swear that you'll keep your promise.

Step 5. Reconciliation. For the sake of all and was started! The main thing is not to merge this topic!

- Error. Well made up and made up, live on. So it is impossible! What, then was that all about?!!!

- the right decision. Make reconciliation a passionate, bright and unforgettable. To do crazy and fantastic sex (and then eat). To come up with something different and breaks the usual patterns. To drop everything and go somewhere together. Send imagination fly and do all that will come to mind.

Well, preparing for what is soon all be sure to repeat ))

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