Step-by-step algorithm to change my life.

If you are already not the first year of life does not change in the desired direction, then you need to look for the cause. One of the main - lack of focus. It would seem that you do and all will, but somehow it doesn't work.

Action can not be, because:

  1. No strength/energy.
energy Sources may be small, a small internal battery, the energy goes into some hole, is spent in internal conflicts or other activities, etc.

  • There are internal restrictions caused by personal history.
  • Energy spent on everything but what you want. br>
  • No adequate confidence in their abilities.
  • Large category, where low self-esteem coexists with grandeur and giperatidnosti with the immaturity. What unites them is that people fixated on your own view of himself, not checking his reality. br>
  • No internal response goal/no your goal.
  • No understanding of "who I am" and that is really close, its features and unique lifestyle. Its purpose lights, alien hangs rather heavy load. It seems to be desirable, but would be better if it somehow. br>
    Often one cause is leading, and others complete the picture. It turns out the tangle that you can begin to unravel with any sides, but pulling one, just need to work out another dozen reasons. But if you do not touch, it seems that the problem is only one - do not, it is necessary to overcome laziness and push yourself to do. Enough, usually, for a while. br>
    nevertheless, with some persistence, the prognosis is favourable if to approach the issue comprehensively. br>
    1. Find the sources of energy, and constantly to use them. I recommend on this subject the book "the power of full engagement" by Tony Schwartz and Jim Loera. br>
    2. Examine personal history and install. In this direction the most effective is work with a psychologist. br>
    3. Confidence is developed through experience. It can be gaming experience on psychological training and therapy, but works better a bunch of real-world experience+reflection alone or with a psychologist. A small feasible action as an experiment and an analysis of their strengths and mistakes. Repeat until result. "Pretend until it becomes the truth" also helps. br>
    4. Finding and establishing its identity and uniqueness. The most pleasant process of the above. Constantly search the world for something that is close. Studying its features by implementing them in activities. To find the activity in which they see the meaning of life. br>

    the General scheme can be described as an action->condition->action. Even a small action changes the state for the better, and in new condition it is easier to make a more correct action. br>
    Try to imagine what will be the first step, and it is better to do right now. br>
    shteiman Eugene
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